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Suit Yourself!

Ok so remember when I tried on the Erdem x H&M suit in my youtube vid and I said I wouldn't mind trying on some Mens suits? Well I did it! I boldly went where I had never dared to venture before and all I can say is: It was FUN FUN FUN!

Ok admittedly, I was scared to death walking into the mens department and picking out suits - no one actually knew that fact! - but to me I was quaking in my River Island Slouch Stiletto Boots! I sucked it up anyway and picked out the suits I wanted to try.

First it was a case of which shops! I definitely wanted Zara, and Max Mara, however Max Mara was not available to comment (he he). For time purposes I chose H&M and Next. The idea was to choose both Women and Menswear suits and juxtapose them to see which was better...

My History

My history of suits came about from a young age starting with my mum who idolised Grace Jones. My mum had a high top and would spray a gold 'V' on top of her hair and wear really edgy suits. Her style wasn't the 'norm' but it was her style nonetheless! And to be honest it was all I knew. I Then became influenced by Madonna in 'Vogue' and Annie Lennox in Sweet dreams - Women in suits. To top that I had a love of black and white movies from my grandmother, this was a whole new world. Gangsta movies, Mystery and Suspense I loved it. But I loved it more so when I became an adult. Hollywood actresses in their sweeping gowns and dramatic entrances and exits had me enthralled. Two of those many women stood out for me in their movies were The Philadelphia Story - Katherine Hepburn and Morocco - Marlene Dietrich. Both women defied convention in their time by dressing androgynously. They were and still are amazing! Today my girl-suit-wearing-crush goes to none other than Janelle Monae. This young woman has stood up against biases set on women and young girls to look 'womanly' by believing that instead of pleasing the world, please yourself first!

Janelle Monae

So with that let's move on to the looks...