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The Story


I’m Kookie Muhretti and I love all things Interior especially if it involves getting messy.



I was raised with free autonomy on our home believe it or not. My first mum would allow me to put an idea into motion even if it wasn’t all that great in the end. My second mum taught me to make the mistakes and enjoy them. She believed if you didn’t like it change it but never live with it. And that is something I have taken with me through my practice. Why live with something you don't like? So, my home became an ever changing canvas, not because of mistakes, but for the joy and freedom of experimenting, reimagining furniture, playing with canvas'. This lead me to my Degree in Surface Design and Diploma in Interior Design. Later in life I found out I was a neurodivergent, which explained a lot about how I understood relationships to colours, prints and how people feel within spaces.


Although I love creating beautiful spaces, my vision is set on creating eclectic, unique even crazy furniture that create a point of conversation in each home they reside. From fabrics to wallpapers, to lampshades, art and furniture, my aim is to have a piece of my creative mind in every home.

VR Goggles
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