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Autumns Essential Item

Kookie Muhretti OOTD

I don't know about you, but this weather can drive me somewhat crazy! From unrelenting scorching hot days (which I loved) to now rain coats (ugh)! Actually, scrap that, yesterday my winter coat came out. In admittance we are catching the tail end of the hurricane in the US so hopefully it should settle soon. But when it comes to what to wear it can be quite a conundrum right? Wrong! As long as your outerwear is sorted what you wear underneath, especially for this season of autumn shouldn't change so drastically. Yes cardi's and jumpers will be a little thicker, but not hugely as the weather tends to be cooler in the morning and warmer by midday. And no one wants to be caught wearing winter layers in 20c temperatures! Now would be a great time for me to say before you pack them away they could actually prove more useful than you can imagine, I'm talking about your cami's ladies!

No, I have not gone crazy I assure you. Yes, the weather has dropped a few degrees however from tomorrow it's getting warmer. Now, what I love about cami's, are their versatility! You can wear them as they are, under a shirt/blouse or over a long sleeve top. However you decide to wear it, it will give your outfit character. They are light and easy to wear come in varying shapes, colours, print and detail and can work for any body shape, as long as you choose right!

Kookie Muhretti in Black Lace cami

So, put away some, not all, of your summer wear and keep out your cami's. Trust me you'll be glad you did. Do you want see how I worked my cami's into my outfits? Click the link and watch the video. It might just give you some ideas of how to work it to your style.