Getting touchy feely with Texture: Tone on Tone

Hey guys, how did you get along with your pinning on Pinterest? It's great right! I love Pinterest, in fact I think it's one of my fave social media spaces, where you don't need to be a creative to create. You just pick a subject and find all the things you need pertaining to it. No competition or 'showiness' needed.

Today, I wanted to talk about texture and tones, as right now, the shops are piling on tactility like cream cheese on a baguette. From tufted to velvet and even (a new one for me) woven jute cushions. Interesting I must say, but more of an eye-catching piece than a comfy one, because let's face it; those edges look rather prickly :) either way texture is back and it's a train worth getting on.

Now, I must say I have rather fond memories of texture when I was younger, my mums sofa was full of natural coloured tufted cushions with tassels at the end. Our living room wallpaper was like grasscloth in texture from Osbourne and Little where she worked. And my walls were chipwood painted pink with white fluffy clouds. Cheap I know but I loved it, especially peeling them off :) But my most beloved was my grandma's beautiful cotton sheet that had a woven pattern on one side and tufted on the other, which I loved. I mean I loved it so much that I used to pull the tufts out and eat it... but we can talk about my undiagnosed ADHD another time :)

Adding texture to your home brings in another dimension of senses from your seeing, tasting, touching etc. Just like adding plants to a space it softens and livens. Get the balance right and it will feel like a haven, a place you can relax and feel comfortable. But get it wrong by overkill and your space will feel crowded and confusing. So let me show you how...

H&M Home Art Deco-esque Interiors

I decided to choose H&M Home as my go to shop for this. If you haven't been all I can say is that it's like a Hamley's for adults. It's a gorge! Their Art Deco-esque interiors are divine with dark wood stairs, herringbone flooring, black walls adorned with tinted mirrors guiding you up the stairs, fresh flowers and plants that are soo fresh they look fake (trust me I've pulled a few petals) and their cute zones to cater for different tastes. I'd say bring a camera as this place is truly Instagrammable! Plus, their prices and quality are pretty on pointe for a high street brand I must say.

Tone on tone: Light colours

So let's start with tone on tone. For this one, I wanted to show you how I would play with the same tone, similar textures and shapes. Now, I personally am not a fan of all white or all one colour in general, however, it doesn't mean it can't be done. Obviously, I'll add colours here and there, but we are going to stick with whites. First thing for me is to create a point of connection something that is going to pull everything together. This could be your sofa, curtains even your rugs, in this case I'm going to choose the classic geometric patterned cushion.

The two shades allow me to play a little more as they have two different textures: Velvet and a shiny polyester base setting the tone for other textures. Luckily for you, this gorgeous cushion comes in more colours ;) As a texture match I chose another velvet cushion so you can pile up your sofa and then add your statement cushions to give your sofa that bit of WOW. Now I don't know about you, but in our home we LOOOVE to get cosy in front of the TV, which requires each of us to have our own blankets, dogs included. The type and style of blanket will depend on whether you want a soft wool blend, a chunky knit that's more boho or keeping it sophisticated with a chenille blanket instead.

For floors, especially if they are wooden, why not sink your toes into and this Cosy teddy rug from Dunelm, or go geo with this one by Rockett St.George. But let's talk ornaments and artwork, this is when colours are allowed to reign, in my eyes. Bold and bolder and bolder still would be my way to go, however, if you wanted to keep it subtle, because the mere idea of adding bold pieces in your home makes you feel queasy :) then give this idea a try. I found these cute glass and gold frames from H&M Home that would look really impactful on a white wall, especially with different styles and colours of dried flowers. I would say 5 or 6 coul