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Are you ready for Autumn?

Yes, I know we are still in the height of summer, and what a gorgeous scorcher this has been. Even though of late the weather has done a slight turnaround on us. But lets face it in under 3 weeks time kids go back to school and officially autumn arrives, meaning; its time to go into storage and get out our autumn wardrobe and to refresh with a few new items. Now, you know me, as well as showing you new stuff, I will always encourage you to look in your wardrobe or in your storage, because we all know how quickly trends come around, so more than likely you'll have something in your wardrobe that will fit perfectly for this current season. So, here's a quick overview of the three trends appearing for Autumn. Are you ready?...


Suits are softening up. If you find your current suit too boxy and masculine for your shape, why not swap it for laid-back fabrics and finishing it off with a tie belt. It will drop nicely from the shoulders and then create a gorgeous silhouette with a pulled in waist. For the top, you can wear it with a shirt if you want to create a balance of lines and fluidity, however because it's a relaxed look, swap it for a fitted or loose tee or a camisole. Then team with a midi skirt or trousers and finish with loafers or trainers. Colour wise the softer the better, I say wear what suits you!

Imperfectly perfect. Yep, clothes are getting their own individuality with uneven hemlines, asymmetric fastening and detailing. So if you like a bit of deconstruction and imperfection in your clothes this season is sure to bring it to you. Not sold? Check out my youtube where I use this kind of detailing for an outfit. Believe me you'll love it!

Bringing sexy-back. Although sports luxe is still having its day here and there; especially with the chunky/ugly trainers fetish people are having, sexiness and femininity are happily sliding back in. So if you're fed up of tracksuits and trainers, have no fear sexiness is all in the detail. With sheer fabrics, skin-flashing details, 1950's nipped in waists and thigh high splits, there is definitely something for everyone. Again, I guarantee, you have something in your wardrobe for this trend, be it a sheer shirt, a dress with a split, or lace detailing, either way you're ready.

And that's it my beauties, your wardrobe update for this week, check back next week for other trends to look out for. And remember; when shopping for new items in your wardrobe, always dress for your shape and wear what works for you. Trends should continuously work with your style and never the other way round; if you want to remain individualistic that is! Now go sparkle!

Kookie x

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