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Your Office Party and how to Slay!

It's come round so quick right? Christmas is approximately 6 weeks away from today which can only mean Office party season! So are you ready? Do you have the outfit that will make your colleagues jaw drop to the floor? Are you ready to be the NEW Sandy from Grease (the one at the end that is :-) !) If not well I just might be able to throw in a few ideas for you regardless of your shape and size, I've got you covered ;-)

And because it's the christmas season, I'm seeking out sequins and glitter. And why not? You deserve to be seen not just as a hardworking woman but the belle of the ball. Think of yourself as Cinderella slaving for your horrible stepmother (sorry bosses) and her ugly stepsisters (sorry co-workers)! I, your Fairy Godmother am here to inspire and transform you into the princess who stole the princes' heart (oh just get him another drink) ...

First up Curvy, Bootylicious, Toffee apples and Pecan Pies Ladies - 16+

Let's get you in the middle of that dance floor with these eye catching dresses, that will accentuate your curves show bit of flesh and get heads turning for the right reason. Try these different shapes, lengths and textures. Remember a cinched or belted waistline will give the illusion of a smaller waist!

Next: Straight Up Ladies - size 6-14

You may not have the curves but you've got legs that go on and on! So let's get them out, be proud and strut like a model. Shift dresses look great on your figure. Why not try a long sleeve high neck mini dress, it's all the rage!

Curvy, Bootylicious, Pecan, Toffee apple size 6-14

Believe it or not even petite girls have curves so this for you! Always think about what your best assets are and work with them. If you don't feel comfortable in a dress try a playsuit or jumpsuit. The key is to have a band around the waist it will give the illusion of a smaller waist especially with pleating and ruffles!