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Are you a hoarder? I think it's time for a change

Once upon a time, a woman lived in a home full of things. New unused things, old tired things, pretty things and dated things. She knew she should let go but the thought of throwing away these things gave her a sense of loss, waste and ingratitude towards them. Instead, she locked them in cupboards, stored them in lofts and imprisoned them in her wardrobe. Saying to herself: "Out of sight out of mind!". This way she didn't have to face the music of her decisions.

Sound familiar? Well let me tell you this, in some way or another we all hold on to things (you don't want to see my shelf of unread magazines, it's shameless), but today my focus is on fashion.

Now, hands up (me included) how many times have you bought something and never worn it? You were so excited by it but by the time it got home you realised you had nothing to wear with it? Worse still, nowhere to go in it. Yup I have two dresses that can back me up, on that one. But why do we do it?