Are you a hoarder? I think it's time for a change

Once upon a time, a woman lived in a home full of things. New unused things, old tired things, pretty things and dated things. She knew she should let go but the thought of throwing away these things gave her a sense of loss, waste and ingratitude towards them. Instead, she locked them in cupboards, stored them in lofts and imprisoned them in her wardrobe. Saying to herself: "Out of sight out of mind!". This way she didn't have to face the music of her decisions.

Sound familiar? Well let me tell you this, in some way or another we all hold on to things (you don't want to see my shelf of unread magazines, it's shameless), but today my focus is on fashion.

Now, hands up (me included) how many times have you bought something and never worn it? You were so excited by it but by the time it got home you realised you had nothing to wear with it? Worse still, nowhere to go in it. Yup I have two dresses that can back me up, on that one. But why do we do it?

According to we might hold on to our clothes because of these strong beliefs:

  • We need to keep things for the future

  • We are not sure how we'll cope/feel if we throw those things away

  • We have to keep things because we mustn't waste them

  • Our belongings make us happy or keep us feeling safe

  • Our belongings are all unique and special, even if they are very similar

Now I'm a believer that our environment shapes us, especially our home environment growing up. We don't just happen life doesn't just happen to us, however, our life and experiences do shapes us. So, how do we shake off the shackles of our fashion faux pas past and let go.

Well from my experience, facing your wardrobe demons are the only way forward. However, there is a step before that, which will make all the difference: Understanding your style! You've heard me say this time and time again, understanding your style, where you are at with your style compared to where you were is soooo important! Some of the things we hold onto, probably don't work for our style any longer or no longer fit us in a flattering way. Why? Because the last time I checked the only part of me getting into a uk size 6 are my arms. Our bodies change and this is the perfect time to get real with ourself.

Taking stock whether with yourself or with a Personal Stylist, like me, can really help you to understand the changes you need to make and how best to go about it. Think of us as your fashionable counsellors. We will help you to form healthy habits around your style and shopping, limiting your over-unecessary-spending. Now, before you say you can't afford a Stylist let me say this: Remember the amount of items sitting in your wardrobe worn once or if at all. How much do they cost in total? Or what about pieces you have bought that lasted a few months that you need to buy repeatedly or the items that don't fit properly, how much does that cost you each time? Or those gorgeous killer heels you can't stand 5mins in? Are you seeing where I'm coming from? I believe most people can afford a Stylist, it's all down to perspective. Plus, Husbands love us as we always save them money :D