How to have fashion fun whilst in Lock-down

We all need a bit of distraction from our constant bombardment of our current situation on the news. With limited movements except around our homes and gardens, having something to do, as well as home schooling the children and reading the news, will keep us sane in these testing times.

I've always been a lover of my home, I absolutely love it, but to make it that way has taken time and to be fair, I redecorate every year and a half once I have inspiration for a colour. Now you might think that's obsessive, but there's something about having that fresh feeling, like stepping into a new home each time. Whether that's changing cushions, adding plants (something new I'm experimenting with), changing light hangings or going full out and stripping wallpaper or painting walls. For some reason, I Feel like I've renewed my spirit.

Top Tip: I rarely buy full price! Even for wallpapers and paints, I always check the bargain corner and see if I can work with the colours they have and believe me it's worked a treat.

With that I think it's time for me to present my challenge: Wardrobe Editing! That's right we are going to clear up that mess in not just yours but the little ones wardrobe too. But you are not doing this alone! No my darling, I will be doing this on Instagram Live this Saturday 28th March @2pm. This gives you the time to add your friends and family members whether in your home or through video to join in the fun. The best thing is they can be bagged and given to charity for those that need it (good deeds, clear home). Plus, we are going have fun, fun, fun... So before we begin, I need you to do a couple of things...

Pre-start to-do-list:

1) Go and scream or deep breath! I'm only saying that because you and I know that this is something you've put off for a long time, and you probably now have your own clothing shop in your room.

2) Let your family/friends know what the plan is and get them ready...

3) Sign up to my playlist - I told you this is going to be fun, fun, fun!

4) And get your drink of choice ready...

Now because, I know some of you will have a lot to get through we will be doing it over 3 weeks.

Week 1: Wardrobe clothes - Sort and order

Week 2: Wardrobe Shoes and accessories - Check up on it

Week 3: Drawers - Roll with it

So get ready, get prepared and let's have some fun, fun, fun and beat those daily blues...