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The Lockdown Wardrobe Edit: The Shoes

Hey ladies, so how did you find my tips? Useful and informative or too much work? If you found it difficult and you feel you need help, pop over to my packages page, book a free chat and let's make some plans. Now we are on to part two of my Lockdown Wardrobe Edit Party, and it's all about shoes. The most mistreated item in our wardrobe, that gets overworn, hardly mended and thrown to the back of the cupboard with no care, then we expect them to serve us again and again. Well, I think its time to show our babies some love and make them happy... I know not everyone has the space to keep shoes in boxes if you, like me, have space, boxes are a must. And if you don't have space then your shoe racks will be a godsend to your shoes. First things first, take out all your shoes. Hey, hey hey, no tantrums again I'm on your side remember! So take them all out and pair them up. This gives you a chance to see if anything is missing on your precious babies, or whether they are worth keeping or better still do they fit and can you walk in them. Once you've done that, it's time for the next part.

Second, separate them. Just like your clothes, create at least three sections - Workwear, Going out, Weekend and Trainers. Put your footwear into each category, this will be helpful when looking for shoes for on a day-to-day basis. Third, label it. If you are boxless, then on your shoe-rack label each area and place your shoes in those sections. If like me you are using boxes, you'll need a marker pen and sellotape. Why? because you'll need to mend those tired boxes back to health. Once done, you'll need to write the description of the shoe on the box e.g. gold strappy heels, OTK leopard print boots etc. Can you see a pattern emerging? Now you have your shoes sectioned, into renewed boxes and labelled you are ready for the final part... Nearly there! Put them back neatly. Again to make things easier I prefer to have work shoes first or shoes I wear the most and work from there, I'll leave that to you to decide. Again this is all about accessibility, being able to pull out outfits easily and match them with your shoes without rustling around.