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Girls and their Shoes

Girl and her shoes

Girls and their shoes! Some of us have to admit (yes I got my hand up and I'm standing on a chair) that we LUUUURRRRVVVVEEEE our shoes! Whether they are high or low, black or nude, sparkly or plain we love them! Now, if you are like me and loved Sex and the City (SATC) then you remember the shoedrobe Mr Big built Carrie, oh my, is all I could say. I could see all the endless possibilities for my 100's of shoes (actually I probably own 20 now) but I was in total salivation nation! But let's face it, even if we did have a shoedrobe that big it'd probably take us mere mortals a lifetime to wear them! But that's not the point, a girl needs to dream right? So I'm gonna keep dreaming!

Feet first!

Grey Shoe boots

Now we have established our mutual love of shoes, let's get down to facts: Do your Shoes LOVE you back? Be honest! If you threw away all the shoes that gave you pain, how many would you have left? Girls I've had to do this and as painful as it was giving them away, my feet loved me for it. Let's take care of our tootsies and keep them sandal worthy with these quick tips...

Multicoloured platform wedges