The Lockdown Wardrobe Edit: The Drawers

Urgh, yes I know, I feel the same. When it comes to drawers you have two types of people: The neat freaks and the throw it in, shut it quick. I have to admit I'm a bit of both. My intentions start well at the beginning of every month, then slowly but surely day by day it starts looking a bit haphazard until it becomes a complete disaster. Oh sorry, that's my partner's draw I'm thinking of (haha), either way, we do try and if there is any consolation to you neat freaks, if you look under the mess you can see the semblance of the original system.

With that, I have bad news and good news. The bad news is that we need to tackle this issue, the good news is that I have an easy system for you to follow just like the previous blogs. Brace yourself, here it goes...

Like the Wardrobe Edit, you'll need to empty your drawers. The system we are going to create is as follows: Underwear on the top drawer as it's the first thing we need when getting dressed. Tops next, Bottoms and finally nightwear. The reason this order works is it follows your day pattern from putting on your underwear, placing a top then bottoms after, then at the end of your day, you finish with loungewear.

We will be using part of the Marie Kondo Method as well as part of my Wardrobe Edit method to help you make the right choices going forward and easy to follow.

Let's get started...

First Draw: Go through your underwear, check them through, anything with holes, discolouration or doesn't fit properly say thank you and then put to one side. Remember to make a list of those items to replace on your next shop.

Then neatly place knickers in a pile and thongs in another, this will help you to decide whether you're in a sexy mood or comfortable mood. Next, fold your bras in half, tuck the straps under the cup and place in neat piles. Socks should be paired and rolled into balls, tights should also be rolled to stop them from snagging. Any extras, do the same. Your first draw is now complete.

Second Drawer: Let's show your tops some love by assessing them for damage and fit issues, remember we always want to look our best even at home. Also, remember to make a list of what you've thrown out. Now it's time to get rolling! Place your tops face down and smooth out wrinkles, fold in half vertically, fold in sleeves to form a rectangle shape then roll from bottom to top et voila complete. Now I'm going to be a bit of a fuss-pot, we want to create order right? All your loungewear and tees should go in one row and all your fancy tops in another, yes workwear too, from dark to light. This will make your life so much easier when making choices in the morning. That's complete, let's do your bottoms...

Third & Fourth Drawer: Ok you can see the system we are creating right? Now I need you to do the same with your next two drawers. Check for damage and fit issues, give thanks, place in a bag make a list, roll and repeat. I love the simple life, don't you?

Creating order may seem tedious and time-consuming but it is the best thing you can do for yourself. It will help you to find what you are looking for easily and give you more choice when picking outfits. Also, you'll find that you won't stray too far from your system. As long as you put the work in you'll reap the rewards but don't make it boring! Get your favourite playlist blasting, a glass of wine and nibbles and party it out. Even better, why not video call your girls and get them to do it with you and have a giggle whilst you work. Always remember to make it fun!