Attack of the Sporadic Makeover

If you are following me on Insta (@kookiemuhretti), you will have seen all my recent projects, from wrapping a kitchen in vinyl wrap, to revamping a bedroom, to renovating the landing. All, I must say, on my own. Yes this one woman handy band got down deep and dirty to bring you stunning images and some pretty amazing ideas. So why did I go all crazy trying to get everything done in 4 weeks? Well, now I can reveal...

Last year I missed out on the opportunity to apply for BBC1 Interior Design Masters (check it out on Netflix) by 4 days. 4 days!!! I couldn't believe it! So I made a promise to myself that I would catch it this year... and I did (Whoop Whoop). That's right, your girl on tv making lemonade out of those sour lemon properties. So, I applied, no problem. Or was there? Yep there was a problem. I... had no portfolio. Nothing. Not a picture to show what I could do! I had done so much interior work over the years and never really took pictures or at least quality pictures, let alone plans.

I had to make a plan and quickly. I chose three rooms to showcase my skills and at the same time push my limits past just wallpapering and painting. Out came the vinyl wrap. Never done it large scale except for wrapping my books in secondary school. I could have sworn it would take a week, instead two weeks later I was complete and shattered. Did I mention I had to paint the walls and ceiling as well as tile the floor? Uhuh! Next was the bedroom. The colours needed a change from the coral feature wall, which would have worked, had it been on the right wall. Hey Ho! You live and learn right?! I vinyl wrapped the double chest of drawers and book shelf, painted the walls, which was a bit of a nightmare as the colour I used was from the bargain corner, so when I needed more of the colour, it didn't match, hence why it was in the bargain corner. The ceilings needed to be refreshed, the window frames needed a mould protector before being painted white, and painted a feature colour to the alcove and ceiling above the bed making it cute and cosy. As a final, I gave away a round sofa to charity and replaced it with a bright yellow wing backed chair and painted the remaining pale pink wall in Blue, created artwork of fuchsia and gold leaf, wrapped two CD shelves, before serenading the room with plant life and a coffee table. I know what your thinking, that's easy :D Not!

I was so proud and super exhausted from all the energy and work I had put in. All this in 4 weeks, single handedly. I sent off the application, and continued to work on new parts of the house like pulling the carpets off the landing, sanding and painting the floors, painting all the doors and frames upstairs, painting the stair wall and making my own lamp shade with jute twine. I really felt in my element and still do, hence why new images keep arriving. Sadly, I was turned down for the show, but funnily enough, I didn't care (OK! OK! I moaned for a couple of hours) I felt like they overlooked the amount of work I put in. To be fair, I've never translated well on paper, I'm better in person. I have to say, doing the application really pushed me past my limits, showed me what I was truly capable of and spurred me to do things I had never thought I could or would do/achieve.

Since then my brain has been churning ideas and I've had to sit and make extensive To-do lists. Although I still have a lot to do (hell of a lot to do), my long term goal has had to be assessed. For example, where do I want to take this? Do I want to do the design side or create homeware, or maybe both? I do love them both! But I truly feel I have found a path that suits me. I mean I believe, either way, the universe seriously has my back and always has. My problem has been believing in myself. But I read somewhere that fear and faith have something in common; the belief in the unseen. Fear is a belief of something unseen and so is faith, it just depends on where you focus your attention. Because as the saying goes, "Where attention goes, energy flows!" When we want something wholeheartedly the universe delivers or it gives us something better than we actually expected. With that, I'm watching where my attention is focused and choosing to have faith in the unseen and that I'm being led in a beautiful wonderful direction. All I can say is, "Watch this space".