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New Wrap Queen on the Block...

Updated: May 31

I realised just as I opened this app to start writing that I missed out a whole month of blogging and I swear it was for good reason. Other than the fact there is only one of me (for now). But mainly because I've taken up a new skill... Wrapping! That's right your girl has become a Wrap Queen, ok not like your fabulous Rap queens Nicki, Cardi, Megan or Doja, well fabulous, YES (of course), but not musically. Instead I wrap furniture ;) (see what I did there).

Now, if you are following me on insta, you'll have seen the very ambitious ideas I had put to the test. If you're not following me, head on over now and follow @kookiemuhretti where you'll see the amazing, yet ambitious journey.

This ambitious (sorry for word over use) and first wrap was my kitchen. I set a budget of £150 with a contingency of £50. Yaasss you heard me right £150 to revamp my kitchen... impossible? Check out my insta for the time lapse videos...

As with most things it starts with an idea. I wanted a change from my current sky blue walls, oak effect laminate units, black flecked laminate worktops and standard tiled flooring to something light bright and airy without spending thousands. I could probably have used a reclaimed kitchen or parts to create my kitchen but that just seemed like a lot of effort trying to find those pieces at the right size and within budget. There had to be another way... Then I saw a video of a lady wrapping shelves with sticky back vinyl and had a light bulb moment: What if I did it to my whole kitchen, worktops included? And that dear readers is where the journey began.

Sounds straightforward enough, right? Well, let me tell you, I honestly thought it would take me 5 days to a week at most. Oh how I misjudged this situation. The first two days were spent scrubbing the whole kitchen to within an inch of its life. Every door, shelf, drawer, floor, tile had to pass the squeaky clean test because science 101 oil is a barrier meaning nothing will stick. That my dears was phase one. Phase two involved white washing walls and repainting ceilings before finally painting the walls.

Can I say though, when it comes to paints I always seem to strike gold. Majority of the time when I check the bargain corner I always find a colour similar to what I'm looking for at the fraction of the price. It's like someone deliberately mixes a colour I like and returns it. So this 5L paint cost me £5 instead of £28 and it's a low VOC too. Super lucky...

Anyway, by the time I finished doing all the prep work, we are three days into my week and I haven't even started wrapping a cupboard door yet, let alone, work tops, laying the flooring or changed the handles. And did I mention I did this all by myself? And that some days I would start at 9am and finish at midnight? Did I also mention I had never done this before in my life!!!

This is why I called it #Ambitious this was definitely pushing the boundaries of design and what I could do up to that point. By the end of the week I had finished wrapping the doors. But I still had a way to go.

By week two, I rehung all the doors and started wrapping the worktops which I have to admit was the easiest part of this project, I got through within 1.5 hours, very effortless. Then I had a design conundrum: Rose gold plinths or grey plinths (the parts under the cupboard). I was so conflicted as I felt the kitchen looked too grey especially with the grey tiled flooring and cupboards, I needed to break it up somehow. So I left the rose gold plinths and put down the grey vinyl flooring to find....

They were the wrong colour. Yes, the floors I had laid were the wrong colour and I think at this point I was on the phone to the psych ward to have me committed because I completely LOST IT! No lie, I screamed the whole house down. I was furious. I had laid the whole floor, something I had never done before, had to battle with uneven floors and walls and now this!

But your girl is a fighter... no matter what, I don't give up... I see everything through! What was lucky is that B&Q were doing 20% off all flooring so I saved myself some ££ buying the right ones. But don't sweat, because of the trials and tribulations the first time, the second time was way easier and quicker :)

With the right tiles down, a warm stone effect tile, giving it more warmth, I swapped the rose gold plinths back to grey. By the Friday of that following week I was complete and I have to say. Through the sweat, tears and tantrums, the kitchen is absolutely beautiful, bright and calm, which is ideal as the kitchen is North facing, giving it less light. I learnt so much more about myself and I have to say I'm extremely proud of my achievement. But if you think it stopped there, think again, two weeks later I was onto my next project. But that's another story for another day :)

If you're thinking of revamping a room or furniture, get in touch and let's see what we can come up with. In the meantime, check out my insta for updates on my Interior Design journey.

Love, Kookie x


Kookie Muhretti