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Is it too late to change?

Many of you know me as a Personal Stylist. My Instagram feeds were always full of outfit ideas my

Youtube filled with 'How-to's'. Never a dull fashion moment. If you asked for ideas, I'd either throw it in a blog or jump in front of a camera.

But did you know Interior Design has always been my first love? Seriously it's true! When I was a hairdresser I believed I was going to have an Interior Design business. I even went to enquire about it in 1998 at the then London College of Printing! But as I'm a finisher and I had just completed my NVQ 1 in hairdressing I thought it most prudent to complete all the levels and even became a teacher. In 2011 I was supposed to do a BA in Interiors it wasn't what I expected, and did my degree in Surface Design, which I must say was a great choice and still links to Interiors.

Have you ever had something you wanted to pursue but put it off because life, family, money? What would it take to pursue it now? For me, it took being made redundant and closing my business. With no job and time on my hands, I decided to pursue my first love; Interior Design. The development of self has always been a continual journey to me that's real self-love, not just bubbly baths and face masks (though I do love that with a good book).

It's funny, I have been the same with my home. My home (sadly for it but not me) is always in a constant flux of change. Every two years, the paint rollers come out, swatch samples are on the wall and I'm ready to create my masterpiece. Why? Because I love my home so much. I love seeing newness it makes me feel refreshed. It's like wearing a dress for two years and finally the integrity of the fabric is no longer the same, so you lay it to rest and replace it with a new dress with maybe a different colour or pattern. How do you feel? Happy right! Then we are on the same page.

Last year showed us going back to our old normal isn't an option, and that forging forward with a new normal is. WFH and homeschooling looks very much part of our new normal, meaning the homes we live in need to suit our every need. It also showed that holding on to old habits doesn't serve us as we thought and that new healthy thought patterns invigorate our soul. Now here we are 2021, the question we need to ask is what are we willing to let go of or embrace? What comes first others or ourselves? Put it this way, if you put yourself first by refreshing your mind body and soul others benefit.