Comfy V's Formal: Back to work series - Trousers

I love trousers! Skinny, tapered, joggers, wide leg, tailored I love them, especially jeans. But I'm really fussy about them. They have to have a look and a feel to them that makes me look the way I want to feel in them or it just doesn't work. Do you ever feel like that? For instance, if I'm feeling edgy I'll wear black slim-fit trousers that suck me in and make me feel tall. For comfort, however, I reach for my sage green chinos. Story: Recently I received a clothing order that contained a pair of cropped polka dot culottes. When they came I thought 'ok, interesting' until I tried them on which was a hell fecking NO NO! The non-stretch waistband cut just above my untoned tummy and the flowy fabric hung over it like I was pregnant. I felt like no shapewear in the world not even Kim's Skims (even though I want them) could have tamed that beast of a belly, and to be fair would I want to wear shapewear all the time? I think not! Well, these trousers are safely back with their maker in one piece. When it comes to trousers though, there are things you have to look out for, especially if you have a tummy.

Fabrication: Light, loose fabrics are great especially for the summer and on dresses but will not hide a tummy in trousers. Especially if you turn to the side. I always believe you should feel comfortable in your clothes, so if your hands or your bag are in front of your tummy all day, you're not comfortable. If you want to wear a looser fabric, think about the whole outfit. In this case, you have three ways to do it: make the bottoms sit quietly as in a darker shade such as a navy or deeper blue with no pattern and let your top do all the talking. I would go for something loose maybe cropped that sits on or just below the waistband or a blouse that has interesting details on it. It should be colourful or patterned and maybe even Bardot or one shoulder just to draw the attention upwards and topping it off with statement jewellery as a distraction. Or flip it and let your top sit quietly whilst your bottoms sing in a pattern, pleat and/or colours. For a third idea, you could wear the same colour or print top to bottom making it look like a jumpsuit. To finish all looks, wear a belt to look fully put together and intentional, rather than by mistake.

Waistbands: Waistbands are a funny thing, they can either flatter or fatten you depending on where they sit and how they are shaped.

Types of waistbands: elasticated, non-elasticated, paper bag, partial elasticated, side zip, front button. For example, I can't stand elasticated waists, they don't sit right on me and I tend to feel like I'm fiddling all day. If I have to do elasticated I go for a partially elasticated waist because I know it will hold me well on my front but also in the back and not gape! This is something that needs to be considered if you have a plentiful derriere, your trousers need to be able to hold you in at the front as well as cover your rear end comfortably. That's why the fabric is important along with the type of band. If on the other hand, you have more of a tummy, the band and rise are important as muffin-tops were never a good look unless you were eating a blueberry muffin. Again the whole outfit needs to be considered when purchasing trousers as you'll wear it in different ways with different tops. Consider how you want to look, what you want to emphasise and choose the waistband that will give you that look.