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For many, tomorrow is the day kids go back to school. So, if like me, you've been running around like a headless chicken getting their uniform and other bits and bobs, you like me must be as exhausted and anxious as hell wondering if you've got everything covered! I'm a last person, I admit it! As I speak I'm washing the uniform (I can never wear clothes straight from a shop, that's a rule for me) and sorting out the stationary. The shoes were a killer, I actually asked the man behind the counter of Clarks if he accepts kidney's because I was about to put mine on the black market hoping it covered the cost. He looked shocked mind you, but I was being deadly serious! If you know of any good kidney rates get back to me, for now me and my child will eat a bean on toast without butter everyday for a month.


So now, the running up and down is over and he is sorted (oh damn, I have to sort out parent pay *rolls eye* there's always something), have you got YOUR School Run Uniform sorted out yet? No not the faded 'should-never-leave-the house-pj's or trakkie bottoms or over stretched faded t-shirt or messy bun and no-make up look. None of those. I'm talking about the new-improved-rested-you uniform, the kids-are-back-and-I-am-free-for-6 hours-uniform. The look that says I'm busy doing something, even if that means flicking through Netflix watching Mary Quando.. Our uniform/what we wear is just as important as the the kids. This comes as part of our self-care package. We know when we dress up we turn up ready for anything. So let's get our uniform ready. I'm gonna make this so super simple...



- Well fitting jeans - colour your choice or Chinos (great alternative) plus Belt

- New t-shirt (logo/unlogo)/blouse/top

- Cardigan/light jacket/parka/blazer

- Decent trainers/sandals/shoes

- Cross body bag/bumbag (my renewed love)/backpack (no phones in pockets thats as bad as wearing g-strings with low rise jeans)


Method: Tuck your top into jeans/chinos. Roll or un-roll the legs. Wear a belt to hold them up. Team with footwear of choice, preferably something comfortable. Layer with a jacket and finish with a cross body bag, for accessories. Repeat. Simple right? I told you! No woman has time to fraff in the morning deciding what to wear when you are the battery of the household. Now check out the selections I have added for you to refresh the items in your wardrobe...


Now you can see how quick and simple it is to plan your day to day School Run looks, we are going to look abso amazing and on point! The kids will look fresh and so will we. Stepping up and showing up at the gates like 'Woah, on no she didn't! Yes we did! But ladies, remember before you go rushing to the shops, look in your wardrobe. Wear the unworn. Mix and match. Don't be scared, I've already shown you before how to put stuff together, if you've forgotten head over to my youtube for a refresh. Remember utilising those unworn pieces is not only good for the environment it's even better on your pocket.

Get digging and have fun tomorrow ladies,

Kookie x

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