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School-Run School uniform

For many, tomorrow is the day kids go back to school. So, if like me, you've been running around like a headless chicken getting their uniform and other bits and bobs, you like me must be as exhausted and anxious as hell wondering if you've got everything covered! I'm a last person, I admit it! As I speak I'm washing the uniform (I can never wear clothes straight from a shop, that's a rule for me) and sorting out the stationary. The shoes were a killer, I actually asked the man behind the counter of Clarks if he accepts kidney's because I was about to put mine on the black market hoping it covered the cost. He looked shocked mind you, but I was being deadly serious! If you know of any good kidney rates get back to me, for now me and my child will eat a bean on toast without butter everyday for a month.


So now, the running up and down is over and he is sorted (oh damn, I have to sort out parent pay *rolls eye* there's always something), have you got YOUR School Run Uniform sorted out yet? No not the faded 'should-never-leave-the house-pj's or trakkie bottoms or over stretched faded t-shirt or messy bun and no-make up look. None of those. I'm talking about the new-improved-rested-you uniform, the kids-are-back-and-I-am-free-for-6 hours-uniform. The look that says I'm busy doing something, even if that means flicking through Netflix watching Mary Quando.. Our uniform/what we wear is just as important as the the kids. This comes as part of our self-care package. We know when we dress up we turn up ready for anything. So let's get our uniform ready. I'm gonna make this so super simple...



- Well fitting jeans - colour your choice or Chinos (great alternative) plus Belt

- New t-shirt (logo/unlogo)/blouse/top

- Cardigan/light jacket/parka/blazer

- Decent trainers/sandals/shoes

- Cross body bag/bumbag (my renewed love)/backpack (no phones in pockets thats as bad as wearing g-strings with low rise jeans)