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Conclusion: The Next Chapter

I know I promised to do a blog every week/two weeks, however life does what it does best and goes as quickly as it comes. Leaving me to wonder where the time goes and am I spending it as I should? Which I do, but still the time flies.

I recently reached the 4th floor of my life, 40th chapter or 40 for short and it has been amazing plus eye-opening. I went away with one of my loves and celebrated on a cruise around the Greek islands.

Windswept cruise

The night before, my love and I sat and talked about what 40 meant to me and what my plans were: To keep on letting go of things that don't serve me, to keep on learning about the wonders of myself, to be happy and to keep pushing and achieving (basically, don't be scared!). Then I got to celebrate the start of my day with Mary J Blige's 'Just Fine'. It was perfect!

Happy Birthday