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Is this trend here to stay?

River Island Leopard Print Dress £40

Yay! Its time for our Summer Trend Report. Yes, thats right, wearing last years summer wardrobe does count, I just wanna give your outfits a bit of pizzaz with a few of these tasty items. I know, I know, trends are constantly changing, and can literally break your bank if you're not 'Shop Savvy', but ladies this is one not to miss! So what is it? Yep you guessed it, Polka Dots, Stripes and Animal Print. If you have them in your wardrobe, pull them out now! The key to this trend like the rest is to choose the size of the spots/stripes/animal carefully. For stripes, direction is key! For polka dots size and placement is important. For animal, choose wisely! Now, if you've been reading my blogs and watching my YouTube you'll already know how to stay on trend without going crazy with your budget! So let's take a look at some of the people flashing this seasons trend and the must have items that will make you dribble! Girls go get your tissues...


Oh Olivia Palermo how a smile resides upon my face. For me this is perfect if your bold enough! A floral blazer with striped top and bottoms in varying sizes. Brilliant! But if this is too loud for you, why not tone it down with Floral culottes and striped hem. Or go bold in red or soften it up with salmon pink and polka dots. The possibilities are endless.


Jourdan Dunn leads the way in this gorgeous directional Stripe dress. Wanna try this look? Check out TopShop's multi-coloured directional dress or their black and white stripe shirt dress. Or go cute in River Island's mini Tiered Leopard Print Dress. Either way you'll definitely stand out!


Did you think stripes had to be straight? Of course not as shown by Alexa Chung stripes can be in any format. But if you still prefer straight stripes go wild with these gorgeous tops from crossover, to off t