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Up For the Challenge

You know me, where there is a challenge you'll find me there, except, the marathon bungee jumping or skydiving. Ok I'll retract and rephrase. Wherever there is a FASHION CHALLENGE you'll find me there. So last week that's exactly what I did. I responded to a Fashion Challenge on Twitter by a lounge wear brand called Cybele, owned by Naturana. The idea was to do a 7 day challenge wearing their loungewear as day wear and posting our new outfits everyday and getting people to vote.

They sent me and three other bloggers a gorgeous pink box which contained 8 pieces of Lounge/night wear and from there the challenge was on. Here are my looks from Monday 16th - Sunday 22nd April:

Monday Look

For this look I teamed together the Cybele Blue bodysuit with lace detail with a striped midi body con pencil skirt, red and zebra print peep toe shoes and the option of a denim shirt that could be tied up. You know your girl I never do basic! This outfit could be worn as work or day wear. Why not try it out in your own style?

Tuesday Look

This look was inspired by Rihanna. Remember when she wore an oversized shirt and put a mini over it and the shirt was tailing below the skirt? Well, this lounge dress was my take on her look with a black faux leather mini, suedette shoe boots and a bomber. You can change up this look for work wear with a simple blazer. This look transcends edgy, street and work wear just depends on how you wear it!

Wednesday Look