How to Find Your Style

It's the thing most people worry about. Should I look like this person or myself? Should I wear this trend or the last or the upcoming? It can literally turn you crazy! If you have been reading my blogs and watching my Youtube you will see that I have given you quite a few tips on how to find your style. So, for those newbies to my blogs, and those still wandering lost in the forest of Fashion, here are my top 6 tips on how to find your own style. Proceed...

Know your Body Shape I've said it time and time again, knowing your body shape is the most important thing ever, hence why it's first on my list! Without that knowledge you are up the creek with no paddle and floundering! For me, there are 5 shapes. You may find yourself with some of one and maybe a bit of something else, for example I met a Bootylicious Babe with boobs. WOW! So nothing is ruled out here, but you'll get the general idea! And also, size does not matter! Check out my guide below to find out which on you are...

A few extra notes: Straight up girls are usually the shape of most models, so no judging! Curvy Chiquitas (Hour glass) also have medium to broad shoulders. Bootylicious Babes (Pear) possess medium and in some cases large boobs but small/medium shoulders.

Wardrobe Edit

Know your body shape? Check! Now, your wardrobe darling! This is important, because more times than not, you have clothes in your wardrobe, that don't fit, don't work or you don't like. And your wardrobe needs to be exorcised of all these items. But when doing so, take a note of what you do and don't like. You may like something because of its shape or colour but it doesn't fit, make a note of it, then kindly put it in a charity bag and let someone else enjoy it. Once you have cleansed your wardrobe, make a list of things you need to make your wardrobe work! So on your next shopping trip you know what to look out for! This, my love, is the beginning of YOUR style! See my last blog on spring cleaning your wardrobe!

Signature Piece

Demons in the wardrobe exorcised? Check! OK! You may think that your food stained tracksuit bottoms and stretched out jumper is your signature, but I'm telling you now, drop it! Better still, pile some wood in your garden through those god-forsaken clothes on the pile, dowse it in petrol and strike a match. Because if you don't I will. Your signature should be something everybody recognises as you. I, for instance, have a Mohawk, whose colour I constantly change, I always stand out! Anna Wintor has her glasses, Karl Lagerfeld - Gloves, Victoria Beckham - clean cut lines! Choose something that is comfortable, very you and stylish. You may like Blazers, the colour purple or stripes; Own it! Remember your style is your own!

Style Icon

I tend to vary who inspires my look, because I love looking like me and not everyone else! But for many having someone to inspire your style again should be unique to you. I would say really dig deep on this one, look through magazines, Social Media, Friends and even tv programmes! For instance, I was watching Dynasty the other day and actually wished my wardrobe consisted of some of those items. It doesn't have to be an actual celebrity or influencer, a fictional character works too. Again, make sure they wear what you would wear now rather than some time in the near distant future like Star Wars! And don't worry if they are wearing a name brand you can't afford, the idea is inspiration not emulation!

Investment pieces

These are the items, that no matter what you wear, they just work and you love them! But investment can also mean you might have to pull out the card on this one! It could be a bag, Coat, Shoe/boots or Jeans. They have to be your 'go to' for sure and be worth investing in. The difference? Look in your pre-edited wardrobe and look at all the things you 'wanted', wore once or never, and on no occasion saw the light of day again. That is not an investment piece that was a lustful moment! Make sure your investment piece transcends time. Fits/hangs on you well and make sure it is something YOU will wear and not your wardrobe!


They say the greatest minds wear the same suit or at least they have the same suit replicated within their wardrobe, as it allows them to focus on the task at hand! There is nothing wrong with creating a uniform for yourself (no not the tracksuit and jumper - go burn it). Again, Karl Lagerfeld comes to mind. Steve Jobs and his black polo neck or Kelly Cutrone, whose signature is black. This is where capsule wardrobes come into play. Create a wardrobe that is functional and stylish and easy to put together. For instance, Coords or Co-ordinating are perfect! Buy a top and bottoms as a set and then you have a choice of wearing them together or mixing and matching with other coords in your wardrobe. How simple is that? Keep it simple and effortless, which is key to your style happiness. Let the world around you say WOW rather than WOAH!


And there you have it, the 6 steps to finding your