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The Tummy! Coming to a body near you!

You see this amazing dress, it calls to you to come and wear it. It shimmers, it shines and puts you in a trance, but then you back away because you realise this dress, as pretty as it is, will stick to you like glue, showing all that you have been trying to hide: 'The Tummy!'

Believe it or not you are not the only woman in the world with a tummy, with or without children, petite or plus, most of us suffer from 'The Tummy' but never know how to deal with it! Now I'm no doctor but I am a stylist and I'm here to show you tips on how to ad(dress) 'The Tummy' issue...

Shape Wear

No, I'm not swearing at you! That dress you so love will look even better with shape wear! It will hold you in and smooth out lumps and bumps giving you a near seamless silhouette.

High Waist

Especially in jeans, they will again hide the tummy and sit on the smallest part of you which is under your bust. But be careful of the waist lines on high-waisted trousers. If it has an elasticated waist, steer clear, they will cut into you giving you more rolls than a packet of Kingsmill!

Create a distraction

I don't mean shout 'fire' and run. No! I mean give people something else to admire and look at on you. This can be done with print, accessories (I love) or even a bit of decolletage (French for cleavage). Anything that is going to keep the eye looking away from that area is great! The same goes for dresses too! Create distractions wherever you can, to make you feel comfortable and stunning. Try these...

Now, you know how to dress 'The Tummy' there is no excuse for you not to look good! However, if you want some more ideas, hop over to Youtube and watch my quick tip videos, or drop me an email, I'll be more than happy to answer your question.

In the meantime, have fun with it. Thats what fashion is about!

Kookie x