The Look of Love

50 Shades more

Ok! ok! I admit it. I ran to the cinema last Friday to watch 50 shades, whilst my child was at school. As I said to the man behind the desk 'I'm here for research purposes only!' Well, if you drag someone with you, the reason becomes valid! The research was great by the way! I learnt nothing more than the books described except seeing it in visual. I retract! I did learn something. Something that I think every woman should learn to do! 1) Always look your best no matter what. 2) Embrace your sexuality! 3) Love your body even if it's not how you want it to look right now. 4) Don't be afraid of it! Don't allow hang ups of any kind; be it culture, religion or lack of confidence to stand in your way! I've said many times how I struggled with body issues and had to push to love what I see, loving and embracing your body is the least you can do!

Now its Valentine's Day, the day when loved ones show their devotion through flowers, that will die after a few days (especially if it was bought from the petrol station. I seriously can't stand roses!) Or a box of boring chocolates (puuuurlease! they'll be done in no time), or a card confessing undying love (just pull out last years one! As long as it's not from that ex your still wishing would take a long walk off a short cliff!) Now I'm not a cynic! Not at all! These should be everyday gifts. What I am is a Stylist who knows exactly what is needed to keep that flame going inside you as well as in your relationship. Remember Anastasia wasn't into Christian's fantasy but over time she learned to love it. Let me show you how! P.S. If you are single like me, don't switch off you need this too! Come on girls read on!

First stop Bras:

I've talked to you about this before, you obviously weren't listening! Throw those, over stretched, wire poking, torn lace, no holding thing you call a bra in the bin NOW! Stop letting your babies/melons hang down to your navel! Get them up with these beauties...

Large boobs -Bravissimo

Large, Medium, Small boobs - Intimissimi, Victoria Secrets, Honey Birdette, Boux Avenue

Second Step - Knickers!

Now your boobs are resting comfortably, it is time to throw away those, hole filled, over stretched, discoloured thing you call knickers! Don't even bother denying it! If you were knocked over and the paramedics had to cut your clothes open would they look at you with admiration or be telling the ambulance to stop off to pick up a decent pair of knickers!

P.s if you're gonna go down the full pantie route make them sexy ladies! Other than that mix it up!

Third Step - Night wear

Those holey, mismatched, discoloured, stretched beyond capacity shameless things you call pyjamas? Burn them! Dowse them in petrol and strike a match. Better still, cut them up and use them as cleaning clothes. Don't give me that look! What year did you buy them? Beginning of the 21st century? Get rid of them for these beauties...

Final Step - Go the extra mile

Now your boobs, bum and bed are happy, don't forget these additional pieces. Why?Just because! Who needs a reason to wear a girdle or suspenders under their clothes? No one needs to know! Thats the fun of it! No matter what you're wearing on the outside, you know, that underneath, your body is being hugged by lace! Why not go that extra mile, because If feeling sexy is wrong I don't wanna be right!

I think I've kept your valentines going just that bit longer now don't you agree? As a side note, your underwear should be changed every 4-6months or when your straps can be pulled up to your ears and the lace around your knickers are detached. Give yourself Love! Check out my Lingerie package,* I'll get you feeling spruced up and feeling hot daily.

So for now enjoy the last hour. Me? I'm going to order my Mac Lip Liquid.

Kookie x

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