Why you should always look your best!

Why is it so important to look your best everyday you ask? Well... why not?

Let's think about this... When you dress up to go out how do you feel? Great, happy maybe even sexy, but either way it is the opposite of feeling frumpy and ugly? Exactly! Now imagine getting dressed up everyday. Imagine putting on an outfit that flatters your body and shows off your best bits. Imagine how you would feel!

Oh ohh, I can hear the alarm bells ringing and the immediate thought of all your worst bits, the wobbly arms, muffin tops, saggy bum or 'hangy tits' (thats a new term I learnt from a client btw). Why do we do that? The minute a compliment is paid we focus on the worst parts of ourselves! We seriously lack confidence and don't know how to take a compliment! So I'm going to work my magic and show you a few tricks...

The girls guide to hiding the worst and showing the best

Problem: Wobbly arms

Solution: Oh the thing we detest the most, wobbly arms or bingo wings (tut tut). Now you may not like the excess skin hanging from your biceps however wearing a tight top doesn't always work in your favour, try off-the-shoulders for complete distraction or cold shoulder. If you're not feeling that confident or like now, where the weather has changed, try loose fitting or 3/4 length sleeves and maybe try it in a sheer fabric.

Exercise: Try bicep curls with weights or for those who can go that bit extra try these *Push-ups with Sanela Yoga.

Problem: Muffin tops

Solution: Pet peeve right? So you put on your low waist jeans and no matter how many times you pull them up your love handles spill over creating a muffin top. Well I have news for you. Low waist jeans were not made for the curvy especially if you are a Curvy Chiquita, Bootylicious Babe, Pecan Pie or Toffee Apple (See blog for body guide). Ladies mid-rise to high-waist is your friend. Why? They will hold in all your lumps and bumps and give you an amazing shape. I know because I struggled for years after having my child, wondering why I could no longer wear low rise jeans. So take heed!

Exercise: Good ole fashion sit ups and core targeted exercise. Try this *Core workout with Billy Blanks.

Problem: 'Hangy tits'

Solution: Once upon a time you may have had the most perkiest boobs or at least a nice enough pair to put on show. Now age and children have robbed you of your pert, leaving your nipples sad and looking at your belly button. My question to you is this: when was the last time you got your bra measured? And... what sort of cup are you wearing? These are really important questions when purchasing your bra. Your body changes and so does your bust, where you buy your bra is irrelevant but buying the correct bra makes a complete difference when it comes to your clothes and how they look on you. Your bra should be secure enough that when you lift up your arms they should not shift and be on the first latch not the last (if they are on the last latch you need to change your bra and throw that one away). Next! How do your boobs fit in that cup? If there is a gap you are A) wearing the wrong cup size or B) wearing the wrong shape. If you are full breasted you can wear a balconette easily, if you are not, the plunge will work wonders for you. Now go and get yourself fitted and stop guessing believe me it will make all the difference!

Exercise: Any Upper body workout that will strengthen your Coopers Ligament (the connective tissues that help to keep the breast structural integrity) or try this *Natural breast lift workout with Lucy Wyndham-Read

Problem: Saggy Bum

Solution: Saggy bums and jersey or stretch fabrics like leggings are not your friend unless you are wearing support leggings to the gym, So stay away. But here's the thing, just like bras, your knickers need to be much more well thought out. Depending on the shape of your bootie their is a pair of panties especially for you according to New York Plastic Surgeon Dr Matthew Schulman. So before you indulge in a pair of panties for the sake of replacing your raggedy panties think before you buy. The difference could be rather remarkable!

Exercise: Get squatting! Burpees are great and believe it or not running is too (i can attest to it) or try this *