Are you Ready? Erdem X H&M

Every year, I get super excited about who H&M are going to collaborate with next. It's almost like the Gods of Fashion open their doors and bestow upon us, mere mortals, their godly garms for us to adorn ourselves with! I really should stop watching those Greek Mythological movies, but Sam Worthington and Henry Cavill look so hot! I digress!

But can you believe it's been 13 years since their first collaboration in 2004 starting with Karl Lagerfeld. Since then we have been clamouring outside H&M every year waiting for hours wanting to be the first to step into the store. Admittedly I still haven't made it yet, but this time I will be!

And who better to adorn us this year than the designer known for his bold and beautiful prints and delicate detailing on elegant dresses, than Erdem Moralioğlu himself owner of the brand Erdem. And what has he got in store for us? Florals. I'm not talking any florals, no, think Renaissance Art, think John Millais' Ophelia or my favourite, Botticelli's Primavera florals. The type that have a story to tell, that are timeless and classic each time you wear it. Hopefully that story won't be you fighting the other lady for the same dress. Ha!

So in case you're wondering who he is, let me give you a little synopsis. Born to a Turkish Father and British Mother in Canada, Erdem studied at the Royal College of Arts in London as well as Ryerson University in Canada. He started his Brand in 2004, but not before training under the famous designer Diane Von Furstenburg - the originator of the Wrap Dress! From there he has received accolade after accolade for his beautiful designs that have a star studded following, the likes of Keira Knightley and Alexa Chung. Even the Duchess of Cambridge herself and sister Pippa Middleton, have been seen adorned in his beautiful dresses. And although 40 years young he has followed his dream and made them into our fairy tale reality. Especially with his collaboration with H&M.

So if you haven't had a look, and I suggest you do, here is what you got to look forward to:

I hope that got your fashion appetite going! Now brace yourself for Thursday when it descends!

In the meantime here is the history of H&M X Designer collaborations in ad form:

2004 - Karl Lagerfeld ad

2005 - Stella McCartney ad

2006 - Viktor & Rolf ad

2007 - Roberto Cavalli ad

2008 - Commes Des GarÇons ad

2009 - Matthew Williamson ad / Jimmy Choo ad /Sonia Rykiel ad

2010 - Lanvin ad

2011 - Versace ad

2012 - Marni /ad Maison Martim Marginal ad

2013 - Isabel Marant