The 'Perfect Body'?

Admittedly this should have come out before the YouTube vid but hey ho now you have the best of both worlds :-)

As I mentioned in my YouTube, Growing up I was never really happy with my body, I was completely obsessed with my boobs or the lack there of. The icing on my cake was that all my friends had bigger boobs than me, making me even more self-conscious. Being a size 6, (US 2) however was never my issue, my friends on the other hand always wondered how I could eat man size portions and never gain an ounce of weight (not now though) whilst they struggled with theirs. It's a funny thing we always want what the other has!

Wanting what someone has

Today wanting what the other has is nearly a norm. We spend copious amounts of time in front of the mirror wishing we had an apple bottom, teeny waist and DD boobs, kind of reminds me of when they brought Lara croft out in video games. Oh the uproar! Women felt the threat of not looking like the girl in their mens video game fantasies. But actually it goes further than that, with the emergence of hip-hop videos objectifying women... But thats a whole different blog! Coming back to the moment, we as women have it hard! With mass media constantly throwing how we 'should look' everyday at us, it's no wonder eating disorders never seem to disappear and gym memberships are steadily on the rise. Now we have low fat and low calorie foods haunting us down every isle.

Counting Calories

Have we gone crazy enough yet to stop? As a stylist, my core focus is body confidence and helping people to see themselves as they really are instead of with rose tinted glasses. We have an amazing body! And the most perfect body is the one we are in! Regardless of the rolls of fat, cellulite, big bum small bum big boobs etc. Perfect is what you have! Because the person you want to be like has insecurities of their own, and they maybe wishing they had what you have!

Be Happy with you

Let me break it down!

Our bodies are unique! Through research I found our bodies fit into one of four categories:

- Bootylicious Babe (previously Pear)

- Curvy Chiquitas (previously Hourglass)

- Straight Up Girls (previously Lollipop)

- Sweet Ladies (Toffee apple/Pecan Pie) (previously Apple/Brick)

The characteristics of each body shape are very different. Can you spot yours?

I renamed the body shapes because I want women to see themselves in a different light instead of fat, thin and curvy! Understanding and knowing your body shape should help you to appreciate you and how you can dress to suit you and not a shape you do not own! All the shapes minus 'Straight up' tend to range from size 6-22+. Straight Up girls (which is a models shape) usually range from size 6-14 sometimes more depending on hormones!

Knowledge is power with action

I am a bootylicious babe, with that information, I know what works for me and what doesn't. It allows me to be truer and more kinder to myself when I buy clothes. It allows me to look at women my shape and model some of my style ideas from them. It took me from puberty to 30 to accept myself thats a very long time. If someone had helped me to understand my body shape from a young age I probably wouldn't have be