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About Fashion Week...

Ok so about London Fashion Week SS18... It was awesome!

I attended Saturday's shows of Dans La Vie and Malan Breton which were poles apart but absolutely amazing. The creativity was off the roof! Dans La Vie was all about genderless style which is the new trend. The beauty of Genderless is what it is, men can shop womenswear effortlessly and vice versa for women. I myself love menswear because of it's functionality that lacks in womenswear, for example jackets with inside pockets and cuts that can be just as flattering on a woman!

The Italian Job

So what's so spectacular about LFW? For me, I love people watching. It's my opportunity to take pictures of and with some really quirky creatives, whose style is completely out of the box and more in the way of Avant Garde. They are completely unapologetic for their style! And why should they be?

Girls on top!

What was your style? This year I went in disguise. I was watching a film a few days before called Beastly, which is an updated rom com of beauty and the beast. I absolutely adored Mary Kate Olsens goth look and decided to do my own version of it. So I ditched my Blonde mohawk and went for a wig instead. I ended up being called the Black Anna Wintour, I thought I might as well keep up the persona and never smiled or took off my glasses all day!