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Why won't they stay black?!

The question many of us cry when trying to keep our black jeans black! Oh the woe! You go out and buy a pair of black jeans, you absolutely love the shape and cut, which makes your butt look peachy. Then comes wash day, along with dread and trepidation. It's like a hitchcock movie! Will they still be as black as you bought them?

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When you look on the web there are so many ways to wash and keep black jeans black, but believe it or not I'm not going to add anything different or new, instead I'm going to back up some of those tips with some of my own background knowledge of fabric dyeing. Did I mention I have a degree in Surface Design and my speciality was fabric dyeing? Well let me tell you, I absolutely love love loved it! Understanding how to successfully dye different fabrics whilst maintaining colour was like a scientist discovering life on other planets: Mind-blowing! So I'm going to back up four of the top most tips with a little extra something...

Cold water

The only time I actually do a 40º or above wash is when washing whites or bed sheets. But darks and colours I always wash on a 30º or less. Why? because any hotter and it will bleed the colour out faster!

Science: When rinsing dye from fabrics I would always rinse in cold water until the excess dye left, leaving the rest of the colour fixed into the fabric. This way colours always remained vibrant and true, rather than washed out and faded.

Tip: Wash denims on a cold or cool wash to preserve colour. TBH wash all colours in a cool wash to keep vibrancy!

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