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Stuck in a Shopping Rut!

Do you shop in the same shop over and over till you know their seasons past and present inside out? Well sorry to tell you this, but it sounds like your stuck in a Shopping Rut! But don't worry that's easy to remedy. sometimes all you need is a suggestion and then your back on track again. Now some of these you will definitely know and others you may have heard by name and never been in or you've never heard of before.

Block Colour Duster

I like to switch things up when it comes to my clothes, I mean don't get me wrong I have my usual wardrobe fillers like (H&M, River Island, Bershka, Topshop), I call them that as they are usually the shops that give me my trend fix, plus I can get my basics there too.

Striped Two Tone Blazer

Then I have my key shops, these are the ones that make my wardrobe pop with key items like COS & All Saints, for unusual cuts even though their palettes are pastels. When I want a mean blazer or a popping outfit I head to