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I believe you should be who you are meant to be: Your own unique self! As your Personal Stylist that is my sole aim.

But it's a journey! 

A journey that starts in the mind and work its way outwards. What you think and believe about yourself can sometimes show in the clothes you wear. 

In our journey together, we will discover more about who you are and allow your style to naturally present itself.


Believe me it's simpler than it seems!


From there, we will work on your current wardrobe, identifying its needs in regards to your style and lifestyle and creating a list to fulfil it. 

I'll share  little tips and tricks to keep you on track. Create a mini Pinterest board as a go-to for inspiration. And you'll receive 3  hours of online support (over three months) after your service, in case you get a little stuck. 

My mission is clear: To connect the inner you with your outer self. To release the style that works with your personality, your work, your life. And to help you be the best version of you.

Be the best version of you and 
nothing less!

"I had a wardrobe Audit and it was really useful. Her advice was spot on and the advice that she gave enabled me to move out of the styling rut that I was stuck in! Friendly and passionate about Fashion, I can’t recommend her highly enough!!! Go on give her a try, you won’t regret it. Thanks Kookie!"

Ellie, SAHM


Because sometimes choice isn't what we need, I offer a free 30 min video call that you can schedule before your morning yoga or lunch break or after the little ones are tucked in bed. To give you the chance to get it off your chest and tell me what you feel you need, then we can choose the best direction to go.

I prefer to always start with a Wardrobe Edit. We get to look at your previous purchases, create outfits and take pictures of them as style reminders or get you to look at your clothes in a completely different way. 

Next is a Personal Shop. How many times have you gone shopping and bought what you didn't need? Or bought something that doesn't fit right? And now you have no time to return it, or you spend more time returning than keeping items. Well, that's about to change! I'll show you how to shop effectively, to buy what is needed and not go crazy, no matter how good the price is! Being disciplined and focused is the key and believe me you and your purse will be happy for it.

"I had a personal shopping experience with Kookie. I really don’t like shopping usually but it was a brilliant experience. Kookie has a special way of making you feel really good about yourself. She’s not overbearing in any way and doesn’t push you too much to try things you don’t like but she was able to show me that clothes I’d never have considered before actually looked great. She really got me out of my comfort zone and I’m so pleased with the results. A fab (and affordable) experience that I’d recommend to anyone. Everyone should have a Kookie in their life!"

Annmarie, Self-Employed Mum of twins

About Me


My background started as a Hair stylist.

From 17 I loved the idea of bringing out the real person through their hair. I moved into retail and found I had the same passion and eye for detail, working my magic on clients.

I went back into Hair completing my NVQ 2-3 before going on to Complete level 4-5 and teaching Hair at CONEL.


After having my son, I took a different direction and went on to complete a BA in Surface Design, to create beautiful fabrics designs. I wanted them to be different; colourful, personal and unique.

After Uni, I went back in to retail where again my passion for finding the right style to match clients personality came into full flow. I took a course in Fashion Styling and from there worked with photographer Visual Marvelry before creating Kookie Muhretti.


Everything for me is about vibration and connection. Understanding who you really are rather than who you show the world. That connection is what will help me help you be your true authentic self.

Love, Kookie x

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