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Timeless? That's Fashion

We all know fashion goes round in circles. For instance, I remember back in the 90's my first pair of mules from Dolcis, and my orthopaedic sliders, the ones with the poky things that felt like you were walking on a bed of needles until your feet got used to them. Now, mules and sliders are the 'in thing' footwear! That's REALLY showing my age!

River Island Sliders

But how do you know what to buy, what to pass and what to keep for your grandchildren, because lets face it they'll be enamoured about the same things like we once were!

Here are a 5 things I doubt will ever go out of fashion and to be honest you know it too. But though you know it are they in your wardrobe?:

- Oversized sunnies. Thank you Jackie O! Don't worry about the shape, shade or colour, your oversizers will be your faithful shady friend.

Burberry Buckle Detail Oversize Square Frame Sunglasses