It's Time to Wardrobe Edit

For a while I had a habit of doing an intense clear out of my wardrobe, and then a few months later I'd be looking for a top or pair of shoes to wear out and remember I gave them all to charity!

But this isn't a time to despair and moan! We need to create our dream wardrobe, you know, the one that works for you not against you.

So first things first, let's get out the check list:

Outerwear Footwear

Jacket Sandals

Blazer Flat/heels shoes

Cardigan Boots

Coat Trainers/plimsolls

Top Accessories

T-shirt Earrings

Shirt Chain

Blouse Watch

Dress Cross body/Handbag






As long as you have these, your basics are covered!


Colours and patterns. Don't be afraid to experiment! Colours and patterns can be your friend, especially in key items of your outfit. E.g. denims teamed with patterned top and leather jacket, or dark suit with a coloured/block colour top - just as a side note top can be whatever you fancy their is no hard and fast rule... be creative!



How you arrange your wardrobe is up to you, I found that sorting clothes in to categories of Trousers/Jeans/Skirts/Dresses/Blouse/Shirt/ etc and then colour coding from light to dark helps me to first; see what I've got and second make an effective plan. So I can base a whole out fit just on one key item I want to wear. Another idea that works is to create outfits, take a pic of the outfit and stick it either in a mini photo album of ideas or the inside of your wardrobe. Dressing up should be fun not taxing!