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Everyone needs Structure!

First I'd like to wish you another amazing and Happy New Year! I just know this year is going to be even more amazing or us than the last ;-)

Now as we know this is the time for resolutions - gym, diets, positive happy thoughts... etc and maybe even a new wardrobe to boot :-) the one question I need to ask is: have you got your structure sorted? You know your underwear!

Your underwear is probably the most neglected of all your clothing needs. Why? Because it's UNDER your clothes. So let me ask you this: If you fainted in public and a paramedic had to check you over, would your fear be of A) Something serious or B) Dying of underwear embarrassment? Laugh all you want but we all know B would belie answer.

Now don't think I haven't committed underwear crimes because believe me I don't think there is a whole deep enough for me to have crawled into. My bras were all the wrong size and my knickers? I'm still trying to understand what they were trying to gold

Yes, ladies New Year means New Structures/Lingerie! Oh no you say. Well lets do a little test... put your thumbs under your bra straps and pull them up towards your ears, if your bra does not move well done to you (or maybe you could loosen them a tad), if on the other hand your straps nearly reach your ears or are 2+ inches from your shoulders we need to talk seriously.

My first advice:

1) Get yourself remeasured! Especially if you have had a child as your breast tissue expands making your cup bigger.

2) Hop along to a good lingerie shop and treat yourself to a brilliant and beautiful fitted bra. I shopped in Intimissmi and Victoria Secrets but you also have Boux Avenue, Fig Leaves, Ann Summers and even M&S.

3) When buying undies I would say aim for 7 sets so you have one for everyday of the week, in different colours and styles.</