Brief News Just In...

...News in... Men, women love sexy underwear....

I don't mean us wearing them (although we do love it too), But we love men in good undies too! Thats right,

it's time for an underwear audit.

You may not be a David Gandy or David Beckham and thats ok, we all need a bit of variety. But guys those bad

undies need to go! And you know which ones I'm talking about the over stretched faded poly-cotton boxers, the y-

fronts that wonder why you still wear them, and the pants with the frayed or worn out elasticated waist. All of them

need to find themselves in your nearest bin ASAP!!!

The thing is we don't want you to do it all for us! This is about you too! We understand work commitments

may mean you work long hours and you just want to feel comfy, and the idea of wearing fresh sexy undies is

the last thing on your mind. But heed what we are saying, we want you to feel good al day everyday not just on

special occasions and weekends. Be kind to your manly tools and give them a nice cushy bed to lay in.

So here is what I suggest:

1) Replace your undesirable No1's with nice fitting comfortable undies that gives you proper support

2) Try different colours and even if you want to go a step further match your undies with your tie

3) And finally update your undies regular, the first sign of support loss or holes, bin it!

Yours, Kookie