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The Future of Kookie Muhretti and what you need to know.

Hey guys, wowee what a time we are in right now. When they say no news is good news, they really mean it this time. I for one didn't understand the gravitas of the situation until I finally started to watch the news something I very rarely if ever do.

Why? I've always been a believer that constantly listening to bad/negativity all day everyday forms your mind to see the world only in a negative context, and believe there is no good people left in the world. Which for me is untrue as everyday I meet so many wonderful people! I digress, so with all that is happening and a pending lockdown, it is only right that we talk about the Future of Kookie Muhretti and the things you need to know.

Firstly, during this period I will not be taking on any face to face appointments, however, I will be offering 20min free Consultations to discuss your needs and make plans for future appointments.

Secondly, those who have recently had my services, you are still eligible for your 3 hours of online support that can be spread over 6 months rather than 3. So get your dates booked in quickly and if anything changes we will adjust them accordingly.

Thirdly, as you probably noticed, I am still posting on social media so I am still present, my blogs/vlogs on the other hand have been really slow in fact nearly non-existent, but in this time I will be spending more time blogging, if you have any ideas you want me to blog about message me and I'll add it in.

Finally, I will be doing my first Live video for this year on Sunday 29th March 2020, I'll be doing a 45min wardrobe edit, so you can get involved and do it with me. Believe me we are going to need something other than Covid-19 to think about to keep our sanity. So stay posted on my social media and I'll let you know the time and which platform.

In the meantime, I want you to stay safe, drink plenty of water (preferably with lemon)