#Selflove: Why it's so important today.


We always talk about the importance of 'Self-Love' but find it difficult to actually do. Why is that? Well last week I did my first 'Koffee with Kookie' Morning after months of no action and by the time I finished I was in a mood for a week. Yes! A whole week! 'My best friend' asked what was wrong, I said 'it was absolute shit!' They reminded me 'at least you did it'! But I couldn't see past my 'failings' I was so hard on myself! I couldn't understand Why I couldn't get into a routine?' Why I couldn't get things done on time? Why I was so uninspired? On and On I went at myself building up a storm that sat over my head. I think I'm the reason the weather has been so bad, it has been indicative of my mood (sorry).


Finally, yesterday I decided to take the dog for a walk; I needed to talk to myself and find out what was really eating Gilbert Grape. I knew it wasn't anyone else's fault as to why I was feeling so despondent, so what was it then? Funnily enough I watched the new Flatliners movie the night before and something one of the characters said really hit me: "Forgive yourself!" I had spent all my time being hard on myself as to why I couldn't achieve certain things on time. I had taken on the world and the other planets; meaning I hadn't appreciated what I was already doing and how much more I was piling on myself causing me internal distress! In that realisation I came home. Ok well actually I ended up running after a wet puppy who didn't understand why I was strolling in the rain.


I hadn't given myself time. Time to reflect, time to breath, time to be. Every morning has been the same: Get up (6.45am) take the puppy to the toilet, feed kitty and puppy, getting everyone ready, finally go to the toilet (1hour later), play taxi, take puppy for a walk, get home (10.30am), start my day and actually have my first drink of the day. Crazy right?! So this morning, when about to embark on my crazy routine, I heard a voice say 'sit and breath' and for the first time I actually listened and believe me I never felt so good. I sat on my sofa legs crossed, first hunched over just to relax then finally back straight. The deep breathing really honestly felt invigorating. From there I did my 'Koffee Morning' and felt better for it.

Deep breathing

As women we need to press pause on life just to give ourselves 2mins of deep breathing 'Self-Love' time. That time helps us to regroup our thoughts press reset and get us ready for the day ahead. Do you ever remember watching Superman (the newer version)? Whenever he was at his lowest, he would leave the chaos and go into the solitude of space, face the sun, take a deep breath and return to the chaos with a clear mind. That is a message for every woman, whether you are a SAHM, a Working Mum, a Working Woman or a SAHW with responsibilities: Give yourself time! Lock yourself in the toilet and give yourself two minutes, believe me it will make the world of difference.

Look Good, Feel Great, Be Amazing

My tagline for my business is 'Look Good, Feel Great and Be Amazing! In order to Look Good and Be amazing, you have to have to feel it. In order to feel, you have to look within, to look within means to find stillness within your mind. To find that stillness means you have to pause and give yourself unadulterated solitude, from everything (phone/family/tv/music). Whenever I do a consultation I ask in-depth questions, not to be nosey, instead for you to see and understand your thoughts. We all need to check up on our thoughts, its our decision centre! Once the mind is in check everything else falls into place!