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#Selflove: Why it's so important today.


We always talk about the importance of 'Self-Love' but find it difficult to actually do. Why is that? Well last week I did my first 'Koffee with Kookie' Morning after months of no action and by the time I finished I was in a mood for a week. Yes! A whole week! 'My best friend' asked what was wrong, I said 'it was absolute shit!' They reminded me 'at least you did it'! But I couldn't see past my 'failings' I was so hard on myself! I couldn't understand Why I couldn't get into a routine?' Why I couldn't get things done on time? Why I was so uninspired? On and On I went at myself building up a storm that sat over my head. I think I'm the reason the weather has been so bad, it has been indicative of my mood (sorry).


Finally, yesterday I decided to take the dog for a walk; I needed to talk to myself and find out what was really eating Gilbert Grape. I knew it wasn't anyone else's fault as to why I was feeling so despondent, so what was it then? Funnily enough I watched the new Flatliners movie the night before and something one of the characters said really hit me: "Forgive yourself!" I had spent all my time being hard on myself as to why I couldn't achieve certain things on time. I had taken on the world and the other planets; meaning I hadn't appreciated what I was already doing and how much more I was piling on myself causing me internal distress! In that realisation I came home. Ok well actually I ended up running after a wet puppy who didn't understand why I was strolling in the rain.