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Sort it out: Wardrobe Spring Clean

As I always say, creating ideas for your wardrobe should never be tedious! It does take motivation and a day to do it (hey I never said it was going to be quick)! But once you start, don't stop until its done! Why? Well, once you get the momentum going its better to keep it up until the end, because we all know once we stop it's difficult to get started again.

Here are my 3 quick tips on how to sort your wardrobe out easily...

Motivation and Patience

1) Whatever season you are not in take them out and pack them away! For instance we are now entering Spring, there is no need for some of your summer, autumn and most of your winter clothes now. So get a big laundry bag (those red check ones from the pound shop are great!) and start separating what you do and don't need. For example, this season, keep a few fitted high neck tops and long sleeves they'll come in handy for those chilly days and nights. Trench coats and lighter jackets are great whilst thick winter boots and puffa coats can be put away. But keep your brollies out this weather can be temperamental.

Pack away clothes

2) Now thats done, sort your wardrobe in to items i.e. Tops | Shirts | Jumpers | Trousers | Skirts | Blazers | Suits | Dresses. This will make your life sooo much easier! You'll be able to find clothes without the fuss instead of rifling through trying to find that shirt or skirt! Plus, because you only have the clothes for that season, you will be able to find everything effortlessly!