My Thoughts: Next Stop: Life change

Sorry I've taken so long to write this blog, but in admittance it was christmas last week and the week before I was catching up with some of my girlfriends, which we know is the hardest thing to do, as some one will have a commitment on someone else's free day! Anyway we managed to get four out of five of us together which, was an achievement!

Catch up with friends

But thats not what I want to talk about. Today is the last day of 2017 and this whole week has had me sitting and reflecting on my many plans for next year and believe me I'm really excited! But here's the thing, I am also completely petrified! 'Supposing it doesn't work!' 'Will I be a success?', 'Can I keep it up/going?' 'Will I ever find the love of my life, get married have more children and live in a castle?' I mean Megan can so why can't I?

Do you feel the same? Usually, December is the month we set goals, January we work really hard at them and then by February we give up completely or is that March? Sometimes we want things but we don't believe we can have them because of our circumstances i.e. Work, Home, Money, Family, Friends. There is always something standing in our way or at least we allow them to. Or even worse we hold on to our past hurts for years never moving forward! Or even worse than that, people lump their past hurts on us and we stupidly carry it! Yep I said stupidly.

Check this Analogy

Ticket of a Lifetime

Imagine this: You get a ticket of a lifetime that allows you to live the life you want. You have to board a plane to take you there. The only thing you are allowed to carry is a small purse of insecurities (because let's face it there is always something that bothers us). Anyway, you get to the airport to board your plane, walking towards the desk to stamp your ticket and then someone from your past, also about to board their plane, hands you a rucksack of their problems and runs off, you stupidly pick it up and keep walking then someone else gives you a Louis Vuitton trunk of issues and you lug that too. By the time you get to the desk you are so overweight with other peoples problems you miss that opportunity for yourself to live the life you want. So let's rewind that and start again! Your walking towards the gate someone hands you their bag of issues, you graciously say "Okay, I here you, but I can't take that on right now!" and keep walking! Those people have to deal with their issues, even if they think YOU were the issue!

Shoe on the other foot

Carrying peoples problems

In turn, imagine you're the one with the problems! You've kept every negative experience with you, that you now live in past hurts! You get in your car to drive to your new future, but instead of looking through the windscreen, you look through the rear view mirror watching your past! Past mistakes, missed opportunities, wrong decisions, Indulge Me Red Velvet Cake (seriously they are devilishly good says my hips and arse) etc. But you can't move, you can turn on the engine, but we all know you can't drive forward whilst looking behind.

So where am I going with this?

Planning your Future