My thoughts: Bottomless Glass Syndrome

My Thoughts

I've decided that once a month I am going to be doing an intermission blog called 'My Thoughts'. It will be slightly different from what I usually write (fashion) and more about my thoughts and feelings within reason. You may argue that within reason means I’m not actually speaking my mind! I see it as thinking more before I speak if you get my drift. So here it goes; My first Intermission ...

Bottomless Glass Syndrome

I would consider myself as a little person with a huge heart. I always want more for others than they want for themselves, which is a great attribute to have, and I'm proud to be that way. I'm always complimenting and boosting people. I always see their greatness no matter how small! I have this greatness radar that can sniff it out like a truffle pig sniffs out truffle! But let's be frank! Don't you find it at times draining and tedious, especially when that person can't see what you see in them?

I call it the 'Bottomless Glass Syndrome! This is when you pour copious amounts of wine into a glass that has no bottom, with the attempt to fill it up. After many attempts you realise that it’s nowhere near as high as you thought, in fact, the glass is completely empty! Now to continue pouring would be complete madness (let alone a waste of good wine) so you stop right? Wrong! Because that glass represents the person in question; the wine are the compliments. Am I making sense?

Bottomless Glass Syndrome

So what do you do in that kind of situation? Well, again, the best thing to do would be to stop right? But because of our love for that person we continue, which is, as I said before, madness! Now on the flip side, have you had a friend or family member that tells you continuously how fricking beautiful and amazing you are but you only see the negative? Can you imagine how draining you are on that person? There has to be a solution, right?

Feeling drained

How do we change that?

I believe we were all born as glasses with bottoms. I just feel as though we have allowed life experiences and people, to enter and leave our lives, slowly erasing our bottoms, till eventually we have become glass tubes! Always needing reassuring, always needing to be told how good we really are! Sometimes, believe it or not, criticism is a disguised compliment! At times, it's that persons way of telling us "We have so much potential we just need to push harder!" or "I believe in you!".

To be honest, I think a long course of introspection could do the trick! Meaning we would have to shut out every single 'perceived negative' criticism given to us, from when we can remember until the present day. It’s almost like meditation to be honest! Once we’ve quieted our minds we then have to really look at ourselves; our skills and what makes us, you know, US! Being unafraid to speak proudly of our achievements and how awesome a person we truly are!

Be Bold!

Some might call it vanity or arrogance, I say give them the middle finger, it’s none of that. Have you noticed that cocky person, that everybody hates, in your workplace or amongst your friends that always gets noticed, always gets the promotions, even gets into VIP in clubs? Yes that person! We need to take a leaf out of their book, because they either know they are 'The Shit' or they are 'Faking it till they make it' babe! Humility, as sweet as it is, only gets us a pat on the back