The Functional Shopper

How many of you would consider yourself an functional shopper? The no nonsense buys exactly what you need have no care for trends as long as what you have bought does exactly what you need it to do! Whilst in a consultation with a client they mentioned wishing they could have their three favourite items of clothing replicated into different colours. making them the happiest person alive!

Two pairs of Chelsea boots

Now this in itself wouldn't be impossible, especially if you get a good seamstress/tailor to do exactly that. But I needed to know why. I mean the thought of going into my wardrobe and finding my favourite dress replicated into different colours and patterns would feel like being in a horror movie, just the thought goes me shivers. But their extremely busy lifestyle meant that deciding on an outfit to wear everyday set them back immensely and they just wanted to throw on something comfortable. Now thats something most of us can relate too at some point or another. I have days when my favourite pale pink hoodie dress over jeans is a dream each and every time. Why? It has a hood, pockets, is long and I don't need a jacket. And... I can throw on my nude heels if I want to jazz it up some with a clutch - problem solved!

But how easy is it to find that it-has-everything-does-everything outfit? Is it good to be a functional person? Is there a way of looking good without the fuss?

How easy is it? Every one has different needs - I swear the day I get married I'm having pockets in my wedding dress - Sometimes it is easy, but most times its the most difficult thing ever.

Solution: Find a really good tailor/seamstress, they can do one of two things: Alter an existing outfit to add mine changes like pockets or adjust the shape/size (within reason) and length. Or create the look you want from scratch, bearing in mind you would have to be prepared to spend on quality, so if your looking to save money you might wanna rethink this option however, you would have a unique style just for you.

Is it good to be functional? I would say it's a 50/50! It really does depend on how flexible you are!

Solution: Functional dressing is good in that it's quick and effortless to dress, however if you team that with somethings trend i.e. colour/pattern/cut it automatically changes you from dowdy to a timelessly dresser.

How to look good without the fuss? Having a good balance when dressing is like eating, if you consume the right amounts the benefits are endless. If you get the right pieces you always look good! To make getting dressed/shopping a more enjoyable or at least tolerable experience try this tip:

Solution: Make a list of the things you like - this will help you when shopping. Take a day to create outfits and take pictures. Stick them onto your Outfit Weekly Planner - This will make your life easier each day as you'll know what to wear and feel comfortable as well as on trend

What type of shopper are you? Take my quiz to find out.

Are you a Functional Shopper?

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1 - How do you feel about clothes shopping?

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