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The horror of the changing rooms

Large mirror, confined space and that pressure to get in and get out, because of the queue of waiting women, that you feel, are huffing and puffing at you to hurry as though there is only one cubicle and you happen to be in it! Yes this is the Horror of the Changing Rooms! Now admittedly, I never really took much stock as to how good or bad a changing room was, until you come across a luxurious or crappy one.

The crappiest one by far was Reiss in Westfield. It was tiny, dark, cramped and smelt of damp, considering the shop itself is really nicely laid out. The best was Victoria Secrets, it was like a boudoir of my dreams, I was quite happy to prance around in my underwear in front of that mirror.

So what constitutes a great changing room? Well in my opinion there are quite a lot of factors!

1) Lighting: Dark or moody lighting doesn't help you to see the garment in its true 'light'. I mean it might make you look good/bad there however when you go outside thats a totally different matter. Lighting needs to be flattering and show you as though you are outside (in my opinion). I mean how many times have you bought something that looked one way in the changing room and when you went out or got home it looked different and nearly unwearable

Soft Lighting

2) Space: We need space! We need space to walk up and down, twirl, stop, pose and repeat. How is that ever possible in a cubicle. Because lets face it not everyone feels comfortable coming out and doing that in the communal area!