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The Game Changer

It could be thought, that to have a functioning wardrobe, it would need to resemble Carrie's from Sex and The City! Now as appealing as that may sound it isn't necessarily true! You can have all the clothes in the world and I'm telling you, you'd wake up feeling like you have nothing to wear! Don't believe me go ask someone with a wardrobe like Harrods!

So how do you make a wardrobe behave itself when you are in a hurry? ACCESSORIES!

Yes, you heard me right! Accessories are the overlooked game changer for many, and I'm not just talking about bags and shoes, I'm talking about statement necklaces, rings, bracelets, scarves!

Try: Team a white tee with jeans, throw a statement necklace or wrap a scarf around your neck with a big bow at the back, this will automatically change your plain white tee into an interesting outfit. Next roll up your jeans and decide whether to pair it with flats for a comfy day look or heels for a date with friends or that lucky someone. The decision is yours!

Tip: Thow a blazer on with a clutch to give your look some extra pizazz!