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Kookie and the Woes of Beautyland

Make-Up for dark skin

So girls we can all finally pick the shade of foundation that suits our complexion. No more, just 40 shades of beige, but 50 shades of all the colours in between and beyond. Yaaaaay Thank you Iman, Thank you Rihanna! But I have to be honest, I'm not a make up girl so I didn't fully understand the hype - Yep I said it! This is a girl who would dress 'dressed' up and walkout bare faced with not even a pencilled eyebrow! It was one of my nieces that said "auntie, I watched one of your videos and couldn't get over you not having eyebrows, don't do that again!'" What did she mean? Of course I've got eyebrows, but she meant pencilled in. It is something that never occurred to me up until this time last year! What made it worse was when my bestie threatened to throw away all the make up and beauty products I did own, from 2003! Don't laugh this is serious! That made me realise I needed a shake up! - If you think that's bad you don't want me to sit down and tell you the rest of my beauty regime, put it this way I'm surprised I still have skin left on my face!

Shocked Monkeys

Now, it can be a bitter pill to swallow when someone tells you you've been doing it wrong all that time. I mean I have gone through my whole life with pretty good skin, so I never moisturised or used anything at all. I'd simply wash and go! Hey don't judge! Know better do better is the saying. So how can you do better if you don't know, and better still how can you do better if you're not interested? I always saw beauty as a narcissists heaven - I mean isn't that how she turned to stone? Now I'm older and every girl on Insta has a full face of make up or a shop full of beauty products on their shelves, I've really had to take notice!