Treating your skin to Love

Skin Truffle

Anyone that knows me knows I hate being sold to especially when people want to draw you into a situation without giving you details and then pounce on you with an onslaught of product jargon leaving you battered and bruised with words and left with an empty purse. Ugh selling at it's worst.

As a stylist I believe in Fashion love fashion and enjoy fashion. So this may come as a shock to you all to learn I am also a Temple Spa Rep. Why? Remember my tag line 'Making you look good and feel great everyday' which means even more to me now and has expanded to a whole extra experience of skin love. See I can dress you up and make you feel like a red carpet star, but what good is that if your skin looks like 10miles of bad road. I personally wouldn't feel like I had done my job to the fullest!

Red Carpet Ready

So who and what is Temple Spa? Temple Spa was created by a husband and wife team Mark and Liz, who through a trip to the mediterranean fell in love with the people, food, lifestyle and landscape. Being in the Beauty industry from the Body Shop to Virgin Vie, their experience led them to create a luxury brand of love, encompassing the ethos of you are what you eat and the synergy between the stomach and the skin and using ingredients from nature that heal, soothe and rejuvenate.

Breakfast Smoothie

What do I do? As a rep I hold Temple Spa Experiences within your home, that are free and a brilliant way to gain more understanding of the products, have real contact with the product as a spa experience i.e. Cleansing, Masks, Hot towels and more for two hours as well as learning how to recreate the spa experience within your home and helping you to understand the importance of cleansing and moisturising daily.

Super Starter Collection

But to add further to the experience, because I love treating people and making them feel special, from September 2017 I will be topping up the Temple Spa Experience with a special Pamper Experience, where Nutritionist/Massage Therapist Mel will be providing a mini facial to your night, giving you a two in one experience, so you and your skin feel extra love and care from products and hands that love and care for your skin.