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'Fabulous Fairy-Godmother'

Absolutely amazing! I went for the Super Star Full Shebang and have enjoyed every last minute. Kookie is just too good for words. Professional, funny, vibrant and passionate about what she does I felt totally cared for. She is the epitome of a fabulous fairy-godmother but with just that extra touch of flair. I went back to work after 15 years of 'mama, mommy, mom!' stages. To say I was out of my league of what to wear at work was an understatement. The scruffy jeans, or in my case track bottoms and tees had to be dumped. I always loved dressing up for work before 'life of kids' but felt so unsure and self-conscious and most of the clothes I had were hand me downs (I know, I know) because I just did not have the courage to buy the clothes I liked. In came Kookie! She has transformed and inspired me to unleash that daring diva that was chained up and imprisoned in my brain. It felt so liberating, my confidence soared and the compliments just came pouring in. I am forever grateful and will recommend Kookie a thousand times over.

—  Fatgia, Finance

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