Pinning your hopes, dreams and visions to a board

Have a go at using Pinterest for Vision Boarding

I remember in my teens buying an A2 scrapbook and putting all the things I loved in there, mainly New Kids On The Block or should I say Donnie Wahlberg, I was convinced we were going to get married (don't worry, my partner isn't reading this :D). Oh and then there was D'Angelo, that hot chocolate man with juicy lips (not as juicy as my man but you don't need to know that and you don't need to look either ;) ) Now I'm not going to encourage you to watch 'Untitled: How does it feel' well at least not with your partner anyways. I'd probably suggest getting a team of your girlfriends to watch it with you for research purposes. You may, however, need a bottle or two of prosecco and some nibbles as your throat may get a bit dry

:-D I may or may not be doing some research later as research requires a great eye for detail and analysis (don't judge till you see how extensive the research can get!) oh and Tornados (yes I love watching tornados).

Oh you thought I was gonna give you the unclothed version :D

Anything that sparked my interest, I'd cut it, glue it, stick it. I loved that book. Then in my later teens, me and my friend would buy wedding magazines and cut out our favourite princess wedding dresses. There was one I was completely convinced I would wed in by Justin Alexander, I loved it so much that I got the opportunity to try it on... I was pretty brazen those days.

My once dream dress by Justin Alexander

Ask me now if it's my dream dress and I'll happily decline. Waaay too much tulle for my liking :), if I do walk down the aisle, I'd probably do it in a sweetheart playsuit with a long train or in an edgy vampish style, put it this way, something very unexpected and non-traditional. So if you see me walking down the aisle in a white dress, I've either been drugged or heavily bribed, like a £20million bribe (damn for that price, I'd even wear puffy shoulders, a high neck, satin and tulle and a 10 foot train) ;)

Anyway, I digress... Pinterest is my new Vision Scrapbook is what I was getting too. And if you haven't signed up, where the hell have you been. This is the ultimate of Vision Boarding as it allows me to create a vision of what I want or plan to do. The thing is, Pinterest came out in January 2010 and I moved the following year, so I didn't know about it and what it represented, so using a sketchbook was my go-to. An example of a successful vision board is this one, before I moved into my present home, I did a sketchbook vision board detailing everything I wanted in my home, from the amount of rooms, to toilets, to windows and parking. I even went as far as describing it in absolute detail in a separate notebook. The funny thing is, I live in that exact house minus the sash bay windows, no joke. It took me a minute for me to realise that, what I had asked for, I got. So Vision Boarding works. Hence why I am planning my next new home ;) It also worked for my dream partner too!