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Kookie Muhretti: What She Really Means

If you've looked at my social media and watched my YouTube videos you probably have an idea of Kookie Muhretti. If you have had the pleasure of my services you will understand on a deeper level what I'm all about. But what is Kookie Muhretti all about? Personal Styling? Yes. A new wardrobe of style ideas? Yes. Renewed confidence in the clothes you wear? Yes too. But that isn't the full essence of my brand.

Recently, I did a live video opening up about my journey and what Kookie Muhretti means and stands for. You all know my tagline by now: Look Good, Feel Great, Be Amazing, but it is much more than just the clothes you wear. Kookie Muhretti came about through the pain and devastation of abuse. Yes, I was abused! I was emotionally, mentally and sexually abused by someone who was meant to care, love and protect, someone who I trusted. That broke me! Throughout my pregnancy I was a shell of myself. I smiled on the outside but inside I was broken, shattered, unbuildable. When I finally spoke out, the help came and I was in a Woman's refuge a week after my son was born. I couldn't see my future all I could see was my pain. I suffered post-natal depression but still I smiled on the outside and got on - left foot, right foot. I was judged and made to feel it was my fault and to be honest for years I believed they were true. But I kept going.

I went on to pursue a degree in Surface Design, mid way through my son was diagnosed with Autism. Just as I was beginning to find my feet I felt like a bomb had gone off and shattered those already broken pieces. But I kept going. I finally finished my degree and chose fashion as my carry on, but I realised that women needed more choosing and buying clothes. They needed an honest, non-judgemental voice, an encouraging voice like the voice of my aunt who never waivered in her support of me when the majority of my family turned their backs. That voice got me through the darkness, got me through the pain. That voice that made me to realise that everyday I took another breath meant another chance at life, Kookie Muhretti was born!

Getting styled by me is not about your exterior, that's easy, I can do that with my eyes closed. But getting you to connect with yourself and understanding why you make the choices you do, now that's a journey! A journey beneath the surface, beneath the pretence right to the core and essence of you. From that point I style you, because in each of us is the true person waiting to be unleashed that has been covered and hidden by our life story.

What is Kookie Muhretti about? Kookie Muhretti is about you Looking Good, Feeling Great and Being Amazing. Why? Because as Iyanla Vanzant rightfully says: You Matter!

Love Kookie x

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