How to Navigate the Sales

Admittedly this blog is late. A quarter of the year late to be honest. But actually when you think about it, sales are now the new full price and to be honest shops are mainly in sale than full price these days! Since December until now I've never seen a shop long enough in full price which has I believe put us in the culture of bargain hunting! The minute we see 'Sale' Signs, we go 'coco-loco' (my term for crazy). The thing is we ultimately buy what we don't need.So how do we navigate the sales to make them work for us?

Sale Shopping

Make a plan: Yep I said it! Make a list of the things you NEED. Just like food shopping, go into your wardrobe and edit the things that no longer serve you or book a Wardrobe Edit with me it will be easier, less stressful and more productive (read my reviews if you don't believe me) create a list of items that will add value and work well with other pieces! Do you need a new going out outfit, new work wear, new coat/bag/shoes? Put it in a list and be specific on colour shape and size, so when you do shop, you shop with purpose and intent. That way you'll find the sales will work so much better. On the other hand have a bit of flexibility. You may want white skinny jeans and find actually, a pair of white cropped or straight leg jeans fit and look better. You'll find exactly what you need at the price you want or even better.

NB: If you don't see what you want in store, always ask a member of staff and get them to find the item for you. If it's in another store in most cases they can get the item transferred for you. But always ask and be PERSISTENT!

Excited about the sales

Sell it: It happens, you buy something it doesn't fit or look good and now you have no time to return it. But fear not, all doesn't have to be lost. This is the time to make back what you lost and give someone else the chance to have that much loved item. As the saying goes: one mans rubbish is another mans treasure! So get your camera out, start snapping, uploading and get your money back. And remember if you still have the tags on, you can sell it at the price you paid, if not sell it at a reasonable price, especially if it's been worn.


Full Price

Now there are some of us that refuse to wait for the sale. We want it NOW! NOW! NOW! We want to have it first, we want to look fresh, because we know our style and want to remain fashion forward. Plus people look up to our fashion inspiration. However, the same rules still apply!

Fashion Forward

Wardrobe Edit: The perfect time to shop full price is after a wardrobe edit. This is when you've assessed what you have, assessed your current style then removed the things that no longer serve or flatter you. Make a list of what you have removed and what you want to replace it with. Then shop happily and succinctly. If there are still things in your wardrobe that don't pair with anything else, make it a priority to create an outfit for them.

Timeless v Now

It can be a tricky one but actually shopping for both is key. I've always considered bottoms as classic wear. We all need a good pair of bottoms (skirt/trousers/jeans) that see us through every season and occasion. Don't get me wrong we all need a top that does the same be it a jumper/tee/shirt. But once you've got your bottoms right everything falls into place. So you can go crazy with colour or patterns or keep it plain on the top, knowing your bottoms are sorted. Make sure you mix it up. Have both classic tops and bottoms then step out the boat and mix and match.


We have sales nearly every six weeks like children are on holiday, when you shop, think about your seasons will you need them and can they fit you. Don't feel bad if you miss a sale, you probably didn't need it anyway. But remember shop with purpose and let the sales serve you the way they should.