Why 2019 is the year for a 'Personal Stylist'!

Christmas present to yourself

So it's resolution time. The time where we reflect on our achievements and transgressions and plan to do more or better for the next year. I plan to run again, eat better and really take care of myself, which I think is a realistic plan, plus I've started it already so its more of a continuation! And that's the key: setting realistic goals and pacing yourself. Not going too slow where change is not visible but at the same time not so drastically (unless you can handle it) where you end up going backwards. My question is: what ARE you planning to do differently next year?

Can I make a suggestion?...

Hiring a Personal Stylist! I'm being truly honest here and let me explain why before you switch off...

When you went to school, you were taught the concept of ABC, 123, learnt to count, formed words, until here you are reading my blog :-) You were taught other things like hygiene and why in 'civilised society' we must be clothed. But did anyone explain to you your body shape and why it's important to know it? Not fat and skinny, big chest, flat chest! Big bum, flat bum, stumpy legs skinny legs. Those are not body shapes they are criticisms! Has anyone shown you how to really shop? Understand your style? Make correct clothing decisions to flatter you? When you really sit and think about it the answer is no!

Hire fashion help

Not all stylists are 'Trinny's & Susannah's'!

Every Stylist has their own approach, however mine is completely different. Understanding you as a person is a very important factor for me. I don't mean your name and family history, I mean REALLY understanding you, knowing how you feel about yourself, your style and how I can get you from your present feelings to a 10. It’s that personability that creates a trusting relationship and that is what you need, someone who is patient, listens well, at the same time give you sound honest opinions and advice, without making you feel undermined.

What is shopping smart?

A shopping trip with me isn't just about spending copious amounts of money, it's about shopping smarter. Whether you have £100 or £1,000 to spend I still like to shop smart. Shopping smart means not just buying what you need it also means buying what suits you. From colours to shapes to lengths. Once you know how, that's it for life, you'll be more savvier with your outfit choices and more confident when you shop. And believe me that’s what every woman needs.

Shopping smarter

Personal Branding

Another reason why having a Personal Stylist is great, is because we help you with your Personal brand - Professional outlook. We are a brand, and wherever we go our business card (ourselves) tell other business cards how we feel about ourself. So if you wear all black to hide, it usually tells people you have something to hide, if you colourful it tells people you are confident. If you are scruffy, it can tell people you don't care, whereas if you are well kept it tells people you have a sense of pride. As the saying goes, first impressions count! With a Personal Stylist, that is all sorted in your Professional as well as your day to day life. And because it is a personalised service you won't end up looking like everyone else only how you envision yourself to be.

Personal Branding