Backtrack to Fashion

Rebecca Minkoff

So a couple of weeks ago we looked at three trends to lookout for to freshen up our wardrobes: Softer suits with tied waists, Imperfectly perfect rushing and hemlines, plus bringing Sexy back with lace and skin flashing details! Hopefully you didn't throw out your whole wardrobe as an excuse to shop! Because there are a few more items that you could add to your existing wardrobe, you know, to keep it fresh. Come take a look...

Let's get whimsical

Am I going too far back if I say 'Little House on the Prairie'? Or Anne of Green Gables? Well, this trend is a nod to that style with a bit of western attitude (minus the horses and hay), a lot more colour but modesty remains . Think ruffles, print, a-lines, sleeves, high neck. Still not convinced? Check these out...

80's revival

Even though I’m a 70’s child I was raised in the 80’s so shoulder pads, puffed sleeves, body cons and mini skirts with fishnet tights were the in thing. I absolutely loved Alexis Carrington's power dressing, it was the norm to me. If you loved it too, guess what? Yes, it's made a comeback but in an abstract way. Look out for 80’s detailing like I mentioned above, or better still go look in the attic of someone who enjoyed 80s fashion, you never know what could still be lurking in there!

The influential Y2K's

It’s funny when I think of Y2K, I think of when I passed my driving test, driving around south London with my girls blasting Destiny’s Child, 702 and JLO out of our speakers - great times! But it was also the time of skinny jeans, Cargo pants, chain mail tops, bandanas, bandeau tops (when I had a flatter belly) and waist chains (again when I had a flatter belly)... Sorry, lost in reminiscence... so yes again it’s all in the detail...


You know what excites me about comeback fashion? It’s never the same. It’s like an ode to the old with a modern twist. So if you do have anything from these eras pull them out freshen them up by mixing with what you have now that’s how you stay current and unique without spending a penny. Now get digging and find those hidden gems! And remember if you want to stay up to date with my blogs and be the first: Subscribe!

Kookie x

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