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Interview: Connecting with your Inner Self to Style the Outer You

Taking the lead

Do remember (don't start singing Michael Jackson or I'll have to show you my moves :-)) at the beginning of the year I said I wanted to collaborate with professionals from within coaching, nutrition, health etc. and relate it to fashion? Then in February I interviewed fantastic Business Coach Clare Whalley (you can read on my previous blogs and watch on Youtube). In our collaboration we talked about 'Confidence' and 'Ego', the effect it has on us, and why we do what we do! The thing I love about collaborations is the meeting of minds, finding those threads of connection, expanding it and looking at the same ideologies but from another perspective. When it comes to styling, to me its more than just putting you in clothes, or shopping to make you look good. Styling for me is about connecting with that inner you and then connecting you with your inner you. Once you form that connection, you gain confidence, and your whole persona changes of how you've seen yourself to how you really are. Getting dressed then becomes inspirational instead of a chore!

My newest interviewee this time is the lovely Leadership Coach Nisha Kaunda, she considers herself a dreamer, anything is possible if you can visualise it (my kinda gal)! And with that passion, she helps inspire others to push further than the boundaries they set, to take their business to the next level. We honestly were like two giggling girls before and after my interview, but we managed to pull it together to give you this fabulous interview (soon to be on vid)...

1) Kookie Muhretti: Hey Nisha, tell us a bit about yourself, and the inspiration behind what you do?

Nisha Kaunda: I'm a Leadership Coach whose passionate about working with entrepreneurial women, like yourself, to really help them to step into, own and amplify their business and their personal life. I think so many of us tend to hide behind our business, responsibilities, behind all the things that we have to do and forget to take care of our self. That’s one of the reasons that inspired me to start this business, because for years I did the same. Another inspiration was working with women and girls who were also stuck in a hamster wheel of life going through the motions not believing in their self and scared of living an authentic life. It became my passion to break those barriers and help them to really see the potential that they have within them and to see who they really are.